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We live in a world where speed is the name of the game. Everyone is always in a dash, with one thing after another. In today’s exceedingly busy routine, one is likely to get lost in the maze of activities and deadlines. The danger with this is we forget to take care our health. We get lost in the busyness of life and forget that being busy is not equal to being productive. Motion is not movement and movement is not progress all the time. You could be in motion but moving in the wrong direction!


My Story

As an adrenaline junkie, I used to live my life based on whatever was exciting. Little had I known that my body came with a preset clock known as circadian clock that determines what the body focuses on every two hour cycle. Whether you are ready for the activity to kick in or not, (there are some activities that can only happen when we are dead asleep) the body rhythm will move on to the next activity and skip what could not happen. Just like in a school, when the lessons timetable roll on as per plan regardless of whether the subject teacher came in on time or not. The next lesson will start at the set time.

This was my world until I learned about the circadian rhythms. Nowadays, I follow the body clock to set my daily activities. I sleep at 10pm and wake up at 3am. This happens to be the most critical time to be asleep. See what happens when we sleep below. It explains why we sleep every 24 hour cycle.

The Body Basics

This is why at 10pm, the number of white blood cells in our blood doubles and the body temperature falls to prepare us for sleep. At 11pm, a restorative process in every cell starts to take place. By midnight, the body starts switching off completely to allow the lymphatic system to kick in. By 1am all organs rest apart from the liver, this is because, the blood goes to the liver for cleansing and to replace the worn out blood cells.

By 3am, this process is complete. Our fresh blood and renewed cells requires adequate oxygen. This is why God gave us chicken to domesticate. Have you ever wondered why the cock crows at 3am? The idea is to remind us that it is time to wake up and feed the body with fresh oxygen. The best way to feed the body with oxygen is by moving the body in a house workout or out jogging. 3 – 5am is best time to workout either outdoors or indoors. If working indoors, remember to open the windows for fresh air and to allow carbon dioxide to escape.

Our Promise

Many of us do not follow this pattern because we are not even aware that a circadian clock for our bodies exists. Consistently doing things the wrong way leads to an increase in your stress levels, which in turn cause body inflammation and hyper acidity. This is one of the major causes of lifestyle diseases like cancer, hypertension, arthritis and diabetes to name but a few. To stay winning we require a lifestyle and behavior change / modification to keep off these debilitating diseases. At Azima Wellness our emphasis is and will always remain “your wellness” because this is our primary concern. With that primary reason, we promise to be sharing practical ways that you can actually start on to live a vibrant and fulfilling life, and so we ask you, what is the one thing that you are going to start doing, and the one thing that you are going to stop doing, as you begin your journey to wellness?

Talk to us. Let us know your wellness journey plans, and we will be happy to continue it

Your wellness is our concern

Maina Azimio

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