What We do


Azima exist to help more people enjoy life longevity upto 120 years as God declared in Gen 6:3. In genesis 1: 26 -27, we see God created Adam in His own image and likeness. God is immortal . This means death was not in the original plan for mankind. It is when Eve ate the forbidden fruit and gave it to Adam that God pronounced death on mankind. Gen 3: 19 &  23.

 God was very kind in the beginning. The first people from Adam all the way to Noah lived for 900+ years. Adam lived for 930 yrs Mathusella lived the longest for 969 years. This account is well captured in gen chapter 5. 

But when man continued to sin, God declared man will live for 120 years only,  Gen 6:3.Moses and Joshua lived for 120 years. Today,  the people who take good care of their health live to around 120 years. Guinness book of records has several people who lived  to around 120 years. Today, Kane Tanaka of Fukuoka Japan is 118 years. She is only 2 years short of the 120 years God declared we will live.

However,  the majority are dying too early. The average life expectancy in Kenya and many developing countries is 60 – 70 years. In developed countries it rise to around 83 – years. But with advancement in science , we have an increasing number of people who live to be centenarians in good health. In 2021, the world has 573,00 centenarians.  Japan is a shinning example in life longevity with more than 79,000 centenarians this year.

Today, the pharmaceutical Industry in one of the biggest and most profitable industry.  People fall sick because of life abuse and in desperation seek medical cure instead of finding out what they are not doing the right way and change. Today’s lifestyle is weakening the body immune system resulting to early deaths. 

In Azima Wellness,  we have  studied what those who enjoy life longevity in radiant health do and developed modules to model them. There is no doubt our lifestyle choices has a direct bearing on how long and the quality of life we live. Those who take good care of their Physical, Mental , Emotional and Spiritual wellness live much longer. Financial Wellness is an enabler of life longevity. We break down to details what those who live long and in good health do differently and share this knowledge with other people. 

This is why Azima Wellness exist. Our mission is to help as many people as possible enjoy life longevity through lifestyle adjustment and behaviour change. 

We focus on 4 pillars of wellness