Our Mission

Azima exist to help people thrive through entrepreneurship.

Our Vision

A prosperous Africa with Africans owning the instruments of Wealth generation.

Who We Are

Azima is a consultancy firm that brings together consultants specializing in different sectors of wealth creation, multiplication, conservation and management.

Human life have been revolving around wealth since man evolved from hunter gatherer and stone age to start growing his food around 10,000 B.C. This separated man from hunting for food in the same jungle with predators that were stronger and faster than him. He often fell prey to the animals.

With more predictability, man produced excess food and started barter trade with the neighbours who had different products.

Kikuyus did barter trade with Maasai who kept animals like goats and sheep. Kikuyus gave maasai food crops and exchange for goats. Around 500 A.D, greed got the better of some communities. They formed warriors to raid other communities to plunder food for the king. Wars begun.

Around 1200 AD, craftsmen begun making tools that made it possible to live in cities away from spear welding warriors. They prospered. Prosperity gave birth to explorers around 1500 AD who went to look for far away markets. This is when Christopher Columbus landed in America and Vasco da Gama managed to sail round the Cape of good hope. He stopped over in Mombasa on his way to India and far East. This gave rise to global trade routes run by monopoly merchants around 1550 AD. It also saw the growth of slave trade to get cheap labour to work in the new found lands.

The period 1700 – 1900 AD, usered the 1st industrial revolution sparred by the ability to make things faster and bigger markets. William Wilberforce helped abolishment of slave trade in 1807 but ushered colonisation of Africa under the pretext of enforcing the ban.

All wars that saw the rise and fall of different kingdoms were fought to control wealth, not people. Slavery was about cheaoer means to produce wealth not hating black people

Discovery of oil in 1900s made production and movement of goods and labour easier and faster. This is when 1st and 2nd world wars happened . The founding of UN after the end of 2nd world war has helped to avoid other world wars. The founding of World Economic forum in January 1971 spearheaded by Klaus Schwab has helped advance global trade.

Health and wealth are twins. We cannot have good health without money to provide the required care. If you are not in good health, you cannot make money. Besides, a chronic disease like cancer can wipe out a big fortune you have worked to build for many years. We need both not either or.

Azima Wellness Consultants operate on similar lines with a hospital that brings together consultant surgeons in different areas of healthcare. Each consultant handle the patients needing his services all working in the same hospital. In Azima wellness we offer similar services to clients in wealth creation and management.

What is Wealth?
It is an abundance of valuable material possessions or knowledge.

Good health is precious. It is priceless. It is great wealth.

In today’s world, value is reflected in money . Something of high value cost more money. Money is a representative of value. The three words money, valuable and wealth are used to describe something precious. Good health transcend money and other forms of wealth.

We champion entrepreneurship as the roadmap to wealth. What is entrepreneurship?
It is a way of thinking. Entrepreneurs solve problems or think through how to improve or simplify how people do life. An entrepreneur does not work alone. He works with a team. Like Steve Jobs said, an big things in business are never done by one person. They are done by a team each contributing his strengths.

There are three different roles in an enterprise.

  1. The entrepreneur
  2. The technician &
  3. The manager

Each one of them play a unique role to grow the venture. This is why Bill Gates did not do Microsoft alone. Zuckerberg did not do Facebook alone. Steve Wozniak reached out to Steve Jobs to join him and they brought in Robert Wyne.
.No big business was started by one person