1:Azima Wellness Quadrant

How to turn your annual income to monthly income in 90 days.

 Who Is Azima Wellness Quadrant For?

This program is for you if you are a professional running your own consultancy but sometimes it feels like you are just spinning on your wheels.

You have a “good job” in a respectable company but deep in your heart the position does not fulfill you.

You are running your own business but you are feeling disillusioned and frustrated because navigating around the business is proving to be a nightmare.

You have been struggling with debt for the longest time and keep on borrowing from Onyango to pay Kamau.

You see other entrepreneurs making the “big money” you yearn for but you secretly wonder if it is possible for you.

If you relate to any of the above then Azima Wellness Quadrant is for you.

This program is also for

Those who are ready to transition from an employee to an entrepreneur or if you love your job but want to start a business to supplement your income

Those who feel they have more to offer in life and are sick and tired of living to pay bills and repay loans enriching money lenders of all shades.

If you have discovered your mission in life and you want to live a life of purpose and create impact in society using your God given gifts and talents.

You know what to do but feel scared to take a leap of faith and launch. You feel you need a mentor and hand holding to help you navigate through the start-up stage.

You want to associate with a community of business owners and service providers who are committed to playing their A game to transform business and lives.

You do so many things at the same time and you are not sure which one defines you, but you would be happy to discover your specific area of brilliance and play in that space.

You want to create a solid wealth architecture that will see your money working for you instead of you working for money.

The Promise

We will hand hold you and help you create structures to transition into your next level.

We will introduce you to a support group made up of those who have walked the same path and are willing to help you avoid making the same mistakes they made.

We will help you learn the psychology of money that gives you practical skills on how to relate with money.

Help you manage and pay off the nagging debts that have been preventing you from quitting your job to do what you know you truly love to do even for free.

You will start living a life of contribution that you have always wanted, but lack resources to contribute to the causes you feel dearly for.

If you are overweight and have been struggling to lose weight but the scale has always let you down, worries no more. We have the solution for you to easily shed off that weight ad keep it off

Do you feel tired most times and you know or have been told by your doctor or nutritionists it is as a result of toxins overload? We will show you the surest way to detoxify and keep off toxins

To learn how to join the program, kindly book an appointment for a needs assessment session that will help us determine how to assist you.

2. Discover Your Financial Genius

A step by step method to convert your money to solid wealth .

Do you admire the way Bill Gates enjoys his life doing charity work under Bill Gates and Mellinda Gates foundation?

Do you want to retire from active work when young?

Do you want to live a life of contribution to the society?

If you answered yest to any of the questions, then these program is for you.

Our Promise

We will take you in a step by step journey to learn the difference between money and wealth.

We will help you convert your cash flow to build solid wealth that will survive to the 4th Generation.

We will help you design your succession planning and set up your retirement vehicle for your legacy be it a foundation or a Trust.

Bottom Line

You will discover the season in wealth creation you are currently.

You will learn where your money goes and whether it is likely to work for you in the future.

You will learn the power of multiplicity and accumulation of wealth.

You will discover to tell tale signs that us time to consolidate your wealth.

Duration 6 Weeks

You can book online through the link

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