Mental Wellness

Mental wellness is also referred to as mental health. It is the absence of mental illness. It is being psychologically, emotionally and socially healthy. Mental health is so important in every stage of life (childhood to adulthood).

How we can improve our Mental Wellness

  • By thinking- this leads to being mentally active. Helps us to come up with problem solving solutions. It is a good way to improve your creativity.
  • Having positive feelings- we are in charge of our own emotions. We should engage in what we have positive feelings in.
  • Believing in ourselves- we should believe in achieving goals that we have set for ourselves.
  • Being appreciated for the work we have done and also appreciating ourselves.
  • Using our leisure time well and appropriately.
  • Being positive- we should laugh at our own mistakes and try to work on them.

Our ability to organize and manage resources such as time and having leads to being less stressed. We should also accept who and what we are, our imperfections as well as our good qualities. Our self-acceptance leads to us being genuine with ourselves.

Mental wellness helps us to know how to deal with stress, how to relate with other people and also helps us to make good decisions. Mental wellness does not happen just because we wish for it to happen. It happens when we do things to bring it into our lives.

Being mentally healthy comes has some benefits

  • Being productive and physically active. Mind is also part of the body. Our minds take part in our day to day activities. Mental wellness helps us to be more productive.
  • We are able to help others. Mental wellness contributes to us being loving and compassionate to other people.
  • We realize our full potential.
  • Helps us to be kind to ourselves. Self-love is so important. You cannot hate yourself and in return expect to have a good life. That is impossible.

Having mental wellness issues affect our mood, behavior and thinking. The mental wellness problems are caused by life experiences such as trauma or being inheritable in the family. Help for people suffering from mental wellness problems is available meaning that they can get better.

Signs that show that you or someone you know is experiencing mental wellness problems

  • Using drugs more than normally. If you start smoking or drinking too much it is because you have a mental health issue.
  • Eating and sleeping either too much or too little. In this case most people experience eating and sleeping too little. Lack of appetite leads to you eating too little especially if you are stressed. Thinking about what is stressing you leads to sleeping too little.
  • Feeling helpless and hopeless.
  • Having mood swings that affect your relationships with others. This leads to most people isolating themselves from others. This is to avoid shouting and yelling at them just because you are stressed.

We all want to be happy always and happiness begins with mental wellness. All our energy and attention should be focused on taking care of our mental wellness

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