Financial Capital and Growth = Financial Wellness

Financial wellness simply means being okay financially. This is when you have money to use plus extra money for future use or any emergency. This is when you do not have stress due to lack of money. This type of stress can affect the general health of a human being. It involves knowing how to balance your money (expenses and savings) and having control over your finances.

What we should all know is that we do not have to be rich to be well financially. As long as we fulfill our basic needs the additional money just adds little happiness. Having emergency savings is ever a good thing.

Most successful companies have financial wellness programs to help in improving their employers’ productivity, health and also helps them to be less stressed. These programs help in solving saving issues, knowing how to reduce debts and also knowing how to come up with a good monthly budget.

Controlling our day to day money, having financial goals and being able to make choices that help you enjoy life can also be referred to as financial wellness. Planning earlier on how you will use your money saves you from regretting afterwards.

Some people are able to achieve their financial wellness with little incomes because they know how to use money well. Others with higher incomes than them may not be able to achieve their financial wellness due to various reasons like rising healthcare costs.

Financial well-being makes you feel secure knowing that you have enough money to do what you wish to do. This is when you have no worries about money. We should always have budgets on how to spend our money. After spending ensure that you have extra money to save or invest. Save to spend during emergencies and also invest to get more money.

Failing to achieve our financial wellness is the top cause of stress. Having money allows you to be free from financial stress like worrying about emergencies and debts. You are also free to make choices that are pleasing to you.

In case you already have existing high interests’ loans, it is advisable to start paying them as early as possible to avoid the debts piling up. We should all try to live within our means. Students should be guided on how to use their students’ loans to avoid wasting the money on unnecessary things. 

Personal goals that you really want to achieve will drive you towards financial wellness. We can only achieve our personal goals if we believe in overcoming the troubles that will come on our way of achieving our personal goals. Opportunities to make money, support when making money and financial advice contribute to achieving financial wellness. We should be able to manage our expenses while still saving. This helps in avoiding financial crisis and financial pressures. Companies having financial wellness programs leads to workers not being stressed about finances. Workers being stressed about finances affects their performance and this affects the company.

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