Emotional Wellness

Emotional wellness is all about your thoughts, feelings and behaviors. We experience emotional wellness when we achieve our emotional needs which are being mentally healthy, having high self-esteem and also having a positive attitude.

Feeling safe, sleeping well, having shelter and being social also contribute to emotional wellness. Where we live and where we work the surrounding environments are additional influences to our emotional wellness.

We can improve our emotional wellness

  • Being in strong and positive relationships. We should stay away from negative relationships. We should not engage with people who are negative about life. If they are not willing to change and be positive, we should just avoid their company.
  • We should not entertain negative feelings (being sad, being unable to manage stress and having a hard time expressing your emotions) and emotions. If you are in a bad mood do what makes you happy.
  • Commit yourself to the present. Avoid worrying about the past and the future.
  • We should not compare ourselves with others. We cannot all have the same feelings and therefore we should concentrate in working on our own feelings.
  • In case you experience an emotional wellness problem, you should first try to think of ways to be well without seeking help. If it is so complicated and you can think of any helpful thing to do, then it is okay to seek help. But first you should try to see what you can do.

Emotional wellness has to be improved every day. It is not a onetime achievement. People wake up with different feelings every day. We do not wake up every day so happy in all smiles. Some days we wake up angry, frustrated and sad. We should know how to work on the negative emotions for them to be positive.

Struggling and being stressed are so unavoidable. If we do not know how to deal with them, we should seek professional guidance or help from caring friends. Emotional wellness is at different levels for different people. It cannot be at the same level since we all experience different feelings.

When experiencing emotional wellness problems, it is good to get physical

  • This reduces the time you think about your troubles. Spending time outside doing something will lead to having less time to think about your troubles rather than when idle. Thinking about your troubles leads to being more stressed.
  • Getting physical boosts your mood. Engage in physical activities that make you joyful.

We should eat well and healthy, drink plenty of water and also sleep well.  Being physically well also leads to emotional wellness. Sleeping well at night helps you to be healthy and alert during the day. If the body feels tired the mind will also be tired. This also leads to negative feelings because nothing will be pleasing to you. Ups and downs must be there in life. Your emotional intelligence determines how you are going to deal with what life throws at you. We should be true to ourselves and work on improving our emotional wellness.

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