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Gods favor to Mankind: Why we should be grateful.

AzimaWellness Foundational Talk 3/2019.

Gods favor to Mankind:  Why we should be grateful.

In our ongoing series on the origin of planetary systems and everything that exist in it, we acknowledge Gods favor to mankind.  All of Gods creation was by the power of the spoken word. He called them to existence. But when it came to man it was different.

“Then the LORD God formed the man out of dust from the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, and the man became a living creature.”

Genesis 2:7

Of the things God created, it is only the man who he personally made with his own hands and crowned with the breath of life. This is profound!
God gave man his own breath. This is confirmation that God made man in His own image and likeness.

We read in 1st Corinthians 6:19-20 that our body does not belong to ourselves. It is the temple of the Holy Spirit that dwells in us. This explains why God took time to mold and make a man unlike other things which he called into existence.

In Genesis 2:8, it is recorded that God went ahead and planted a garden called Eden. In the Eastern side He placed Adam to take care of Eden. ‘’Out of the ground, God made various plants to grow that were beautiful to look at and good for food’’.

In the story of creation, there is a special relationship between man and Earth. We were made from the soil of the ground. The ground gave way to the wells that made the soil soft for God to make Adam. These well-made plants grew to supply Adam and Eve food and water. 

All our food comes from the soil on the ground. 
We depend on the earth. We should protect and preserve the earth because it is our lifeline.
But man deviated from God’s plans. He told Adam to have dominion over the land and all that was in it but He did not ask him to change anything?

The lifestyle diseases we are facing today can be traced from our departure from God’s plan. He gave us seed bearing plants for food but we now eat everything. We even change the DNA of plants in the name of scientific advancements.

We were not made to eat meat but after the great floods (Noah’s flood) all vegetation was destroyed by the 40 days  and 40 nights of continuous  rain. This is when God allowed Adam and his people to eat certain clean animals. (Animals with split hooves and chew cud) . But today’s man feed on any meat, including those from carnivorous animals like crocodiles. Porpular at the Mamba  village or in Carnivore restaurants within the Country.

This has resulted to proliferation of lifestyle diseases. It caused a big drop in our lifespan. From 969 years of Methusellah to Abrahams  176 years and Moses 120 years.

In genesis 6:3 God reduced mans lifespan to 120 years. But most of us are living half this age. Most people die between 60 and 70 years. Those who live to 80 years are considered to be living bonus years.  Moses died at 120 years. He was strong enough to hike up mount Nebo where he died. This was a strong man at 120 years.

In the continuing article, I will go to specifics and unpack what are we not doing right that is sabotaging our ability to live to 120 years. 120 years lifespan can be attained. We have our senior citizens like Charles Njonjo at 99 years, Moi at 95 and uncle Moody Awori at 92 years. 

The oldest person in the Guinness book of records is 116 years.

This series of articles will address all that we need to do to live for 120 years as recorded in gen 6:3. Keep it here we unpack what we need to do differently.

With Profound Regards;

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