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Understanding our Complex Body; The Skeletal System

Understanding our Complex Body; The Skeletal System

I salute you all.

I hope we have all settled into the New Year and have made progress in adopting a new lifestyle. After our 66 days lifestyle adjustment and behavior change challenge, I decided to allow us to reflect on what we need to change in our life.

Personally, I was considering whether dropping this blog is one of the things I should do but going by the requests I have been receiving from you my readers, it still has a role to play in advancing wellness. Am now back to continue where we left. This time we will be bolder and go to the core.

Thomas Edison got it right. He knew early enough that our body is made to be self-healing given the right raw materials and in the right conditions, it does not need chemicalized medicine. The reason why we become sick is because we abuse the body as created by God.


At the cellular level, our body is made up of 100 trillion cells. Yes a massive 100 trillion! These cells make the 78 organs that runs our amazing body. 5 of the 78 organs,  are called the vital organs. These are brain, heart, kidney liver and lungs. The brain is the body’s control center. These organs work together in 12 systems.

These systems work together to keep the body working in harmony. If well taken care of and kept in the right condition (not in a polluted environment) we can live up to 120years. The people before Noah’s flood lived beyond 900 years. Methuselah is on record having lived for 969 years. This is only 31 years short of 1000. Noah lived for 930 years while his wife lived for 927 years.

As a result of our sinful acts, man fell short of God’s favour. He declared in Genesis 6:3 that man will live a much shorter life up to 120years. But  we are living half this age.

Most people live to to around 70 years. Our insurance companies do not insure people above 70 years . This is  50 years without a cover going by Gods plan for us.

This is what Azima Wellness focus on. To help people enjoy life longevity  beyond 100 years. Dying at 70 years is too young. This is only 10 years after retirement. This is dying before you start living. Ideally, retirement should be the longest and most enjoyable part of our life. Do not retire and go do more strenuous tasks like running a business. You should retire from your business like Bill Gates did from Microsoft and Jack Ma who is retiring from Alibaba. In Azima, we will help you plan for your retirement well in advance if you come to us the right age. Scientifically, it has been proven that the best age to retire is 53years. Any year you work after 54 you lose 2 years of your life longevity.

All human beings have a primal proclivity to live long but we do not do what it takes to enjoy a long life. To help people attain this human desire for a long active life, we have come up with a programme to  help you attain this goal.  We have studied our senior citizens who have done this and learnt what it is they do better than the rest of us.  A good example is Sir Charles Njonjo who is now 99 years and still going strong. Our former president Moi is 95 years and still going about his activities. Moody Awori is 91 years. He was  given a job by President Uhuru Kenyatta at this age. Last week, he was at an event representing former president Kibaki who is younger than him. The difference between these two senior citizens is how they have taken care of their health.
Join me as we unpack what we should do better.

Today we focus on the musculoskeletal system.  Our complex body is made up of 206 bones. These bones are facilitated in movement by 360 joints. We have  147 joints in the vertebral column. This is the part of our body with the highest concentration of movable joints. The joints are held together by muscles and cartridges. All these work together to facilitate  movement. We are made for activity.

The skeletal bones give us our upright shape. This is the way we were made to spend most of our time. We are either sited or walking upright most of our wake hours. The exception is when we are asleep for 8 hours in every 24 hour cycle.

We sabotage our health if our body does not function as designed. We also reduce our lifespan if we do not feed the body with all the nutrients it requires to feed the 78 organs. In the coming week, we must unpack what we should do to attain a long active life.

Going forward, I will be sharing two articles every week. One on Tuesdays that will  tackle Health Wellness .On Fridays I will be focusing on Financial Wellness. These two are inseparable. Health is wealth. The difference is only in the first letter.

We will reflect on how well we are managing our body and recommend what we should do better going forward.

   Your total wellness is my concern.

With Profound Regards;

Coach Maina Azimio.

ICF- Accredited Certified Professional Coach,
Conference Speaker and Corporate Trainer in Wellness.
Tell: 0704 561 095 or 0722 516 896


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