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Azima is a Kiswahili word with double meaning;

a) To give on loan or to lend; ‘I will lend you my book but make sure you return it.’

b) To borrow something from someone or to request for something with an intent to return it; ‘ Kindly lend me your pen.’

We settled on this name because our mission is to share our hands on experience and knowledge in wellness with as many people as possible. 

We expect the recipient to use this knowledge and share it with other people.

Knowledge is useless unless shared with as many people as possible.

What is Wellness?

Wellness like Azima has two meaning(s).

(i)Wellness is the state of being in good health.

(ii)Wellness is the process of learning about and engaging in behaviours that are likely to result in optimal health if applied properly and consistently.

In Azima Wellness Consultants, we are passionate about the processes of learning about and engaging in behaviours that are likely to lead to an improved lifestyle, if applied properly and consistently.

Optimal health is the state of being free from physical or psychological diseases, illnesses or faulty functions of our entire system as God made us to function.

Why the wellness campaign ?

Man has progressively departed from the original life designed by God our creator

  • God created Adam as a hunter gatherer and placed him in the garden of Eden. He designed an ideal body to roam the garden gathering food three times a day. Our body is therefore made for activity
  • In today’s life, majority have adopted a sedentary lifestyle.  This will get worse as we move to the 4th industrial revolution. Digitisation and internet of everything are taking over the remaining physical work done by human beings. We should therefore be deliberate how to keep our complex body in motion for Optimal health. Going for a walk, jogging, hikes , gym , swimming and other physical activities will be our only saviour.

What we offer

In Azima Wellness Consultants, we have programs that take people out of the concrete jungle where we do life to the mountains to reconnect with nature and refresh as we have fun.

This is perfect therapy for mind, body and soul. It has now been scientifically proved that our body require a minimum of 2hrs per week in nature to avoid stress and depression.

Your health is your wealth

Wealth is the abundance of valuable material possessions or knowledge. The greatest tragedy of our times is we take many years to study many disciplines and forget to study our body.

What a tragedy! We have information overload yet we know very little about our body.

Only 1% of the world’s population understand how the human body is made to function.

We allowed TVs, radio, print media and now social media to become our trusted sources of information that pours ingredients into our mental factory consistently. This slowly but surely programing our mind and shape our behaviour patterns.

TV commercials and programmes are cleverly created to excite and capture our attention to become consumers of the products being promoted to create wealth for the manufacturers. Most people are hapless captives of these commercials and do not even understand the game plan played on them.

We work hard to make money, then spend this hard earned money to buy diseases by consuming products that are harmful to the temple.

Truth is there is no shopping mall for human body organs anywhere in the world. Not even on Amazon or Alibaba. Take good care of your organs.

The top culprits in this area that we regularly consume are sodas and the coloured sugar loaded waters that pass as juice, alcoholic drinks and junk food that are popularized through well-crafted adverts to gain acceptance.

Their sum result is bad cholesterol and toxins overload in our bodies. Add this to the polluted environment because man is always destroying the ecosystem and the stage is set for a major health crisis.

This calls for concerted efforts by Medical practitioners, Naturopaths, Homeopaths,  Nutritionists,  Paramedics and healthy living enthusiasts to raise awareness about the risks we put ‘The Temple’ in daily with our bad choices.

We run a number of programmes that equip our trainees with  full knowledge and empower them to say No to choices that sabotage good health. Our goal is to help more people enjoy radiant health beyond 100 years like sir Charles Njonjo. God in Gen 6:3 declared that man will live for 120yrs.

Our programmes incorporates physical Health , Mental , Financial & Emotional wellness to strike a balance for a holistic lifestyle.

This is our mission. It is why Azima Wellnes exist. We are happy to help more people enjoy life longevity.

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