Know thyself: The Integumentary system.

Azima wellness Foundational Talk 14/2019.

Know thyself: The Integumentary system.

Welcome to our continuing series on know thyself. This is critical especially now that even WHO has accepted the world economy cannot provide adequate healthcare givers for the people. They estimate that by 2035, the world will have a shortage of 13 million healthcare workers. This is scaring.

Best solution to this: Self-care.

WHO have released self-care procedures for us to take care of our elementary health procedures like self testing for diseases like HIV, diabetes, HPV and even medical abortion. Currently WHO estimate that 400 million lack access to the most essential health services. 

The only sustainable solutions is the do it yourself services. This will only be effective if we understand our body and how it works to prevent diseases. This is where the saying prevention is better than cure get a better meaning. Come with me we continue to unpack this complex system that is our body, the summit of God’s creation.

We started to unpack the body systems with the hardware’s, the skeletal system that give our body shape and accommodate /protect the other organs. We then discussed the muscular system that covers and support the bones and joints. Today we will unpack the integumentary system which is the outer layer of the human body from the skin, hair, glands, nails and nerves. These work together to protect the delicate tissues in the body from the weather and other outside factors. The main function of the skin is to protect the

The skin is the largest body organ. A grown up of medium size has around 18sq. feet of skin. It has 3 distinct layers. It is also the heaviest organ in the body. It forms one seventh of the total body weight. Its main function is to act as a barrier to protect the body from harmful objects in the outside world such as moisture, the cold, sun rays, germs and other toxic substance during the process known as Homeostasis.

Homeostasis is the process by which biological systems tend to maintain stability while adjusting to conditions that are optimal for their survival. The skin therefore plays a major role to keep us alive and healthy. To keep yourself safe start with the skin. Come with me we unpack it further because it is the most important organ for protection

One centimeter of your skin contains around 3 million tiny cells. In that tiny portion it has;
a) 91.44 cm of blood vessels to provide nourishment.
b) 2 sensors to detect cold.
c) 365.74 cm of nerves to carry messages.
d) 10 hairs.
e) 12 sensors to detect heat.
f) 15 sebaceous (oil producing glands) to keep the skin supple.
g) 25 pressure organs for sensing the touch.
h) 100 sweat glands to transport impurities.
i) 200 nerve ending to record pain.

Isn’t it amazing how God created our body? And he gave us responsibility to take care of it. We are God’s agents in caring for this temple of the holy spirit so that it can run its traditional functions optimally. The skin and the integumentary system play critical roles to keep the body healthy. We will continue to unpack them one by one.


The integumentary system has multiple roles. All body systems work in an interconnected manner to maintain the internal conditions essential to the function of the body. These functions include;

a) Protect the body’s internal living tissues and organs from
b) Protecting the outside body against invasion by infectious
c) Protect the body from dehydration through Homeostasis
d) Protect the body against abrupt changes in temperature and
maintaining homeostasis.
e) Help excrete waste materials through perspiration.
f) Act as a receptor for touch, pressure, pain, heat, and cold.
g) Protect the body against sunburns by secreting melanin
h) Generate vitamin D through exposure to ultraviolet light
i) Store water, fat, glucose, vitamin D
j) Maintenance of the body form
k) Formation of new cells from stratum germanium to repair minor injuries.

To deepen the understanding of our complex body and inform our actions, keep it here next week for part two on integumentary system and how we sabotage our health unknowingly. With the skin we need to learn how to avoid contamination.

Azima exist to help people avoid getting sick. We believe prevention is better than cure. Keep it here to learn how to prevent getting into the problem that cost too much to treat.

With Profound Respect,

Coach Maina Azimio.
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