Relationship with Money. All in the Mind.

Azimawellness Foundational Talk 12/2019.

Relationship with Money. All in the Mind.

In our continuing series on “know thyself”, am keeping the promise I made that i will be sharing two articles weekly. One on Health, the second one on Financial wellness. Our goal is to discover ways to increase life longevity from 70 years to 100 years. This is an increase of 30%. It calls for a new thinking and a new financial blueprint. This Know thyself series was inspired by the famous Greek philosopher, Socrates. He observed that people make themselves appear ridiculous trying to learn obscure things before they know themselves!

“Knowing others is intelligence; knowing yourself is true wisdom”-Socrates.

Earlier in the week I shared tidbits about skeletal muscles. Health comes first because Health = Wealth. Today we focus on Financial Wellness. Money is an enabler of good Health. You cannot have wealth if your health is compromised. And life longevity is a pipe dream.

Money is an idea. It begins in the mind. Majority of the people remain poor because they go out looking for money with their eyes instead of using the mind to make money ideas. To make money you have to sharpen your mind.

The good book says, In my father’s house there is abundance. We are the house with many gifts and talents. Our work is to identify and develop these gifts because they come in raw form. Each one of us is a powerhouse with natural gifts and talents. God put them in us to help us deliver our mission on planet earth. our mission is service to mankind.

Unfortunately, the human mind is programmable. We fail to discover our gifts and talents because we have been programmed in a certain way. We spend most of our time learning skills that do not add into our area of calling. We end up doing work that does not fulfill us. We get stressed at work because we are not in our terrain. We work for money not purpose.

Come with me we explore how this affects our health and wealth.

In Azima financial wellness modules, I always advise people to stop chasing ” Buroti ” (Local name for rental property). This is not a viable investment for people with small income. Housing is a good investment for big corporations or governments handling long contributions funds like NSSF , NHIF , RBA and others .

Now it’s becoming clearer to all. This has come even before the cheap houses by government have entered the market. House occupancy is at an all-time low. This has resulted to rental prices going down by 4.5%

I have been advising people not to take Sacco loans to finance expenditure. Do not borrow to pay school fees, weddings or to pay dowry. Do not borrow to buy Buroti. This is consumption. It can wait. Practice delayed gratification. Save money to pay school fees or take an education policy for your children. Do not borrow money you will pay with interest to put where there is no guarantee of higher returns. This is unsustainable.

Our challenge in this area is we relate with money emotionally. This is why we Branch and Fuliza money for weekends. When we need money to pay electricity bill, we go to Tala and Okoa loan.

I request you to think through your current financial plan (if hope you have one). What will you do when your job is taken over by robots? Or drones?

It all starts in the mind. How we think. How we see things and how we process what we see. Invest to improve your mental processing power. Choose to read widely. Follow the economic trends across the world and know who calls the shots and why. Then watch their every move and interpret them correctly.

Keep it here for details as we dive deep on how to make money.

I will teach you what they do not teach in schools.

With Profound Regards;

Coach Maina Azimio.

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