Financial Seasons in Life.

Azima Foundational Talk 10/2019.

Financial Seasons in Life.

I made a promised that I will be sharing, alternating the subject of this series of articles between health and financial wellness. The two go hand in hand. Even the spelling is almost the same. If you substitute letter H with W, health become wealth. None is possible without the other. They are like Siamese twins.

Like everything else in life, financial wellness has seasons. To live to 120 years as God gave us in Gen 6:3, we must take care of both our physical fitness and financial health. Our 2nd weekly articles will be on how we can attain financial wellness. We need to start with the basics. Understanding wealth and its derivatives.

What is wealth?

What is money?

Wealth is the abundance of valuable material possessions or knowledge. Material possessions are physical. It could be in the form of assets or money. It could be in precious metals like gold or diamonds or digital currencies like Bitcoin. It can also be in credit points like Bonga points or credit/loyalty points awarded by supermarkets that can be liquidated for services. This also apply in travel and hospitality industry where they reward loyal customers like frequent flyers with a free ticket. All these represent value.

But the most common form of measuring value is currency or fiat money. Money is used in two ways; as a medium of exchange or as a store of value. Majority of the people use money as a medium of exchange. Period. This is the reason we struggle with money scarcity all our life.

Using money as a medium of exchange only will make you a slave of money. You work for money instead of money working for you. We will attempt to change this money blueprint. This series of articles will help us unlearn this limiting money blueprint and learn a new one.

Money is increasingly going digital. A good example is M-Pesa. We get a message in letters and numbers and the value of the numbers is money, no physical for of money like notes or coins. We go ahead and send the same message to pay for services. Credit/Debit cards or electronic money transfer falls in this category. They are a form of accepted form of measuring value that make people within a defined jurisdiction give the shared message a monetary value.

The best use of money is as a store of value. This is where you make money work for you. Money is a faithful servant. If you deploy money to work for you, it will not let you down like human beings. . It will faithfully generate money/results for you. It has no emotions. It does not get tired or require to go on leave This is where passive income comes in.

We get paid for bringing value to the market place. You get paid equivalent to the value you bring to the market place. If you want more money, increase your value. The best artist is paid top dollars. The best and most experienced footballer or the fastest athlete get paid the highest. The most valuable metal like diamond or gold fetch the most money. Land located in the most convenient place cost the highest amount of money. This is the reality of the money world.

There are different stages of wealth creation. It starts with wealth navigation, multiplication, accumulation, consolidation; succession/estate planning, significance living /legacy and retirement when you live your best life ever.

These stages are predetermined. You can pass through a certain stage and not do what you need to do in that stage. Truth is this will come back to haunt you. You cannot circumvent any of the stages.

It is important to be deliberate about money. The money blueprint that was installed in us at home and in school is our problem. It is set on working for money not money working us.
In Azima Wellness we advise our members/mentees what they need to do to free themselves from being slaves of money; to turn tables and make money your slave to work for you. We will discuss in details how we can turn tables and make money our slave to work for us.

This is how to ensure we enjoy life longevity like our senior citizens like sir Charles Njonjo who is 99, Moi @ 95, Moody Awori @ 92 and others. Dying at 70 is too early. From 70 – 120 there is 50yrs.

Azima wellness exist to help people enjoy life longevity. A senior citizen is a blessing to the society through his refined knowledge earned from the experiences over the years. Not imaginations. When you die too early like at 70, you deny the younger generation opportunity to learn from you. This is living a selfish life. it is unacceptable.

With Profound Regards;

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