The Summit of creation is we the Human beings.

Azima wellness foundational Talk 7/2019.

The Summit of creation is we the Human Beings.

In the 6 articles I shared in May, I dedicated them to explore the extra ordinary work God did in a record of 6 days. Our God is a God of order. We can confirm that everything He did was well planned and perfectly executed. It is now over 13.8 billion years after the week of creation but everything the lord created runs with clinical precision. Unless the system is interfered with by man. Though Man has always attempted to change some parts of creation, He is now appreciating the need to go back to nature. Going back to God’s original setting.

The most amazing thing about the universe is the timing and accuracy. Everything runs with clinical precision. Night will always follows the day consistently. This pattern has never stopped nor delayed since the universe was created 13.8 Billion years ago. Sunset and sunrise will always be here to usher in a new day. The animals and plants God created continue to multiply in a sustainable way.

There is always enough of something for all animals created. There are natural mechanisms to control their numbers and prevent overstocking. We have more herbivores that feed on plats than carnivores that feed on meat in the jungle. This is God’s design. It is rare to hear carnivores in the wild coming to hunt for food in the settled areas. We may hear of an isolated case of a lone leopard that strayed from the forest to come feed on domestic animals but this is only an exception not the norm.

Even for human beings there exists a self-regulating mechanism. At birth more males than females are born. This is because boys have a higher risk of dying in the early ages than girls. But by age 20 when they get ready for marriage, there are more ladies than men. This ensures every man can get his own lady. Unlike all other animals, human being’s relationship between male and female may result in marriage where couples get to live together. A man can marry more than one wife but not the reverse. One woman cannot be married to two men at the same time. This is why nature ensures we have more mature women than men.

God’s settings ensures there exists the right conditions to support life continuity. This is replicated in all systems that God created. He is a master designer and ensures everything runs smoothly. This is how entrepreneurs establish a successful business systems that run without them.

However, man has been trying to come up with his own ways to change God’s setting but we are now realizing our folly and admitting we cannot win. We have interfered with the natural order of things and attempted to change the rivers’ course but the river is forcing its way back to its course.


We have depleted our forest cover to create farmlands but we are now paying dearly for this. Global warming and carbon emission is a threat to our survival. The cry now is to preserve our planet. Planting trees to increase forest cover to at least 10% and making efforts to have more exposure to nature, away from the concrete jungle.

Efforts to grow food using artificial methods are proving to be unsustainable. Chemical fertilizers are making the soil acidic and unproductive. Food grown using non organic fertilizer is poison to our body leading to an explosion of lifestyle diseases. We are now going back to our old ways of producing food the natural way.

Man is slowly realizing the folly of consuming animal products and disregarding plants that God gave Adam to be his food. Gen 1:29. All animal products are acidic while most plants are alkaline. An acidic diet provides a conducive environment for tissues to mutate and become cancerous. We are eating ourselves to cancer. Luckily there is a movement championing veganism and raw food.

A lot more poisoning of our food happens in the kitchen from the cooking oil and cooking pots. In the beginning man fed on raw food. Fire was discovered only 400,000 years ago. Homo Sapiens are the first people known to have used fire. There is some new findings in south Africa pointing use of fire dates back to Homo erectus, only about 1.5 million years ago.

Man therefore survived long eating raw food. The habit of cooking our food using heat denatures vitamins and minerals in our food. We have also adopted frying our food with the wrong cooking fats. Most kitchens use trans fats and hydrogenated oils that cause inflammation. Majority of today’s food is processed and preserved with chemicals to extend shelf life. We use aluminum pots that leach metals into the food instead of the earthen pots our parents used. This heavy metal is dangerous poison to our gut. We are unable to metabolize it. We should make deliberate effort to avoid all these contaminants for better health.

In June, we will focus on understanding the Human body. We will unpack to details how we are made, what we require to live in robust health and where to find what our body need. Keep it here for “know thyself Talks”.

Don’t go away. I have more exciting revelations why we get sick and die so early.

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