Gods perfect balance. The relationship between the soil, plants and animals.

Azima Wellness Foundational Talk 5/2019

Gods perfect balance. The relationship between the soil, plants and animals.

God created the universe and everything in it in 6 days according to the biblical account we have anchored this series. Allow me to state that am not dismissing other accounts of origin but I have chosen to follow the biblical story which I understand better than all others I have studied.

In the story of creation as recorded in Genesis 1 and 2, we find that God created heaven and earth on day one. Then He separated water and earth on day two. Day three He ordered the earth to bring forth vegetation. On the fourth day he created the sun, the moon and stars and put them in their place to separate day and night, light from darkness.

He created times, the days and the years. On the fifth day, he ordered the waters to teem with an abundance of aquatic creatures and the air with winged birds. He blessed them and commanded them to multiply and fill the water of the seas. For the winged birds be said let them multiply on the earth. He did not command them to fill the sky.

0n the 6th day, He ordered the earth to bring forth all kinds of living creatures; cattle, creeping things and wild animals of all kinds.

It is after he had done all this that he created man out of the soil of the earth. This was a departure from the other things which He called to existence. In Genesis 2:19 we see how God created animals and brought them to Adam who gave them names. Among them were domestic animals like cattle and birds like chicken. None of them excited Adam good enough. God saw His man will be lonely. He caused him to sleep and removed one of his ribs and made Adam a helper, Eve. It is recorded in Genesis 2:23 that Adam was happy with Eve. And God blessed her to be his companion.

The animals God created He gave those green plants to be their food and the aquatic animals to feed on algae.
We see in God’s good order that He made two kinds of animals, carnivores and herbivores. The herbivores were the majority. But God provided carnivores to act as predators to control the population of herbivores and prevent overstocking to balance the eco system. God is a God of order. He made self-sustaining systems. He made everything with a preset procedure that ensures a perfect balance and continuity.

He put Adam and Eve in a garden because man depends on oxygen and plants require carbon dioxide to make food. Other animals too live on oxygen. He made them to stay in forests where there is abundant oxygen… But we became “wajuaji” (Cheeky) and started moving away from the forest and created settled areas away from trees.

We started many activities that emit carbon dioxide and other harmful gases than the few plants can absorb to create a carbon neutral environment. We also started rearing many animals in small spaces we call zero grazing. We started manipulating their natural cycles to produce more too driven by greed for profits.

Today we have commercialized rearing birds like chicken in cages to lay eggs and broilers in pens for meat. We rear pigs in enclosed units where they do not get sunshine. Even cows and goats are not spared. It is all about greed to maximize profit without much regard for animal welfare.

We use a lot of antibiotics on them and feed them on manufactured feeds instead of letting them feed on green grass and other plants God prescribed for them. These cannot be safe for human consumption. It is difficult to get grass fed cows or goats in today’s market.

The zero grazing animals produce high carbon and other toxic gases that contribute to global warming.

Man by his nature was not made to be a carnivore. Carnivores have unique characteristics as we will see in coming articles. The teeth of carnivores are sharp to cut and tear meet from bones. For herbivores, they are flat to grind green matter. Man is made to be a herbivore not a carnivore.

But today’s man craves for a meat diet more than the green stuff that is ideal for him. Man also formed the habit of consuming milk from cattle, goats and camels. There is scientific evidence to prove that God provided milk as starter food for baby mammals.

There is no other grown up animals that take milk other than man. This habit is causing a lot of bowel problems because the hormone that metabolizes milk is absent after a certain age in all mammals. This is why the calves of other animals stop suckling after some time. In a human baby, casein which metabolizes lactose dries out around age 4 years. Unfortunately grown-up men crave this baby food and feed human babies with this milk. It is even worse because this milk is from a mother of a different species like a cow that contain too much protein for human beings. This explains the many cases of lactose intolerance.

Man should know better than other animals that milk is starter food for babies before their metabolism is able to work on the green matter.

To be continued…

With Profound gratitude.

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