Ecological Balance; The Perfect Work Of God In The 6 Days Of Creation.

Azima wellness Foundational Talk 4/2019

Ecological balance; the perfect work of God in the 6 days of creation.

In our continuing series on the amazing work God did in creating the universe and appointed man to be his representative on earth, we saw in the first articles God set most systems to be self-propelling in a sustainable way. God made things to run automatically. Most systems are self-perpetuating.

Planet earth has existed without needing any help to keep regenerating. The man is the problem. He has been involved in activities that affect this perfect balance God put in place. Evidence of this is can be found in our national parks and game reserves. There exists perfect balance in the wild. You do not hear of overpopulation of animals or food scarcity to an extent animals require to be fed with pasture from outside. Animals in the park survive even during seasons of long drought. I have never heard of restocking any animals unless in response to a problem caused by human beings. For instance; It is the Maasai who invades the wild parks looking for pasture for their animals. Rarely the opposite happens. It is rare to hear animals in the park invading settled areas looking for food.

How can the animals that do not have a brain like ours be wiser than human beings? We need to change our ways. Our activities affect the animals in many ways.

It is human beings who deplete the water towers causing rivers that feed the animals downstream to dry up making them go thirsty. Our actions in Mau water tower are threatening the amazing wilder beast migration spectacle that is among the seven wonders of world. Maasai Mara will lose its attractiveness if river Mara dry out.

What is the way forward?

We need to protect the environment and preserve the nature balance God made to exist on planet earth. We all depend on planet earth. During creation, God ordered the earth to bring forth vegetation, Gen 1: 11. And from that day our survival has been dependent on planet earth. But land degradation is now threatening our existence.

We are destroying the soil with chemical fertilizers reducing important minerals plants pick from the soil to nourish our body. The ice blocks in the North Pole are melting at a high rate due to global warming all caused by human activities not wild animals. Global warming is causing water levels to rise along the coastline threatening to disrupt many human activities and multi billion dollars developments. We have many livelihoods that survive on the blue economy and their life is under threat.
The cyclone Idai and Kenneth we recently witnessed in Mozambique and in some other inland parts of central Africa are prove that we have disrupted the natural ecosystem . We should take this as warning signs that God is not happy with what we are doing to planet earth.

God asked man to take dominion over planet earth, not to destroy it or modify it to fit his whims. He gave us knowledge to know what is good and what is bad but we have chosen to do what we think is convenient. Just like Eve led Adam to eat from the forbidden tree. We are inviting God’s punishment like He did and expelled Adam from the garden for disobeying God’s instructions.

Human beings, other animals, vegetation and nature have co –existed well since creation. The planet has in it abundant resources to support all its inhabitants for generations to come. But it does not have enough for one person’s greed. If we manage these resources responsibly, they will keep regenerating to meet all our needs and sustain life . There is enough for all of us and those who will come.

There is an urgent call to go back to nature. To the way God made the planet. All the species of animals he created have unique role to play to sustain the ecosystem. The plants provide oxygen and food. The bigger trees trap carbon dioxide to provide the vegetation below a critical component for photosynthesis. Trees also provide shelter/shade for the smaller plants during hot and dry seasons enabling them to continue providing food to man and other herbivores.

The insects, bees, birds, butterflies and other flying creatures support pollination supplementing the wind. There cannot be a holistic life without any of the creatures God created. Our role is to protect and coexist with all of them. Our survival is tied to their survival. This is why in Azima we’re pitching for going back to nature. Where we all begun before the big flood. Keep it here for more.

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