Depression and Social Media.

Azima Talks 14/5/2019

Depression and the social media.

We need blessings in abundance more than anything else in Kenya. We are losing the benefits of civilization. After making enviable strides in many areas of human development, the barbarism in us is creeping back.

We are in a normal world inhabited by abnormal people. We are becoming worse than savages. it is strange that in a country where 99% of the citizens are religious (Christians and Muslims) and 84% are literate, suicide rate is now  at  6.5 deaths per 100,000 people. This is according to the recent data released by WHO.

More than 50% Kenyans are on social media. Unfortunately, Kenya has not developed a social media policy. We engage on our own terms. We have shallow understanding of how responsible social media operates. The sector is now linked to making a bad situation worse.

A young beautiful lady who has done 6 years in medical school was hacked to death by her long time fiancée.  This was headline news for one week in all popular local media stations in the country.

Social media has made us intolerant. We have been programmed to have everything our way. It’s my way or nothing. Even in relationship I must have it my way. We do not accept “No” for an answer. This is social media for you.

We have forgotten about the universal principles. our life is governed by universal principles. We are not in control of our life. Universal principles are. They act on us weather we know it or not. Just like sleeping and observing the circadian clock rhythm that regulate our waking and sleeping timing, our life is regulated by universal principles.

Social media is the opposite of these principles.

We operate in a cocoon. In our comfort zone. All the magic in us has disappeared. lying in waste. Unutilized. Untapped. Most people are not even aware of the greatness in them.

Social media is our enemy no 1.

This is a sick society. We only want to hear the good part of life. We live in denial. We frown at the person who admit they have a problem. we condemn those who share their challenges at the family level. We tell them to respect the family values. We lie and decorate our pages in social media to look good. This only breed depression.

With Profound Regards;
Coach Maina Azimio.

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