A call Back to Nature; Understanding Universal systems.

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A call Back to Nature; Understanding Universal systems.

From a Christian perspective, God created the universe and everything in it in 6 days and rested on the 7th day.  After working for 6 days, He took time off to appreciate the ‘’good work’’ He had done. The good book says He was impressed with His work.

“God saw everything that he had made and behold, it was very good…”
Genesis 1:31

I hope you are impressed too with what you’ve done this week. If you are not, relax…. There is no way to reverse the clock. But you can do better next week. Life is a repetition. God set our life to rotate in cycles and seasons. The first cycle is the 24 hour timing that has been repeating itself since that week God created day and night.

Those of us in the tropics enjoy equal days and nights throughout the year. In the temperate regions, some days are longer than nights and vice versa. This is God’s timing. We have nothing we can do about it. We cannot change or improve it. We can only fit in it as per God’s settings and make the most out of it.

Then we have a weekly cycle. A weekend with the day of rest. After every 6 days we take a day off to rest. This is recognized as a worker’s off day the world over. This is a workers gift of a mandatory off day every 7 days to rest and worship. Some organizations work for 5 days and rest for 2 days in a week. But the mandatory arrangement is resting one day each week.
Some people rest on Saturday like SDAs while the majority rest on Sunday. Other people rest on Mondays or any other day in the week because they work in shifts. Work in Hospitals and in hospitality industry go on 24/7.  Some people sleep during the day and work at night. This is the norm for people serving in security sector.

From the weekly cycle there is a difference between men and women. A woman during child bearing age experience a monthly cycle that repeat itself every 28 days. If men were locked in a place alone and did not have any gadgets that connect them to the outside world, they will not know a month have passed. But a woman would. Every menstruation is a sign a month has passed. 12 cycles of menstruation means one year. And the cycles of life continues to repeat itself

This is how we used to count days during the dark days of Kenyatta and Mois’ detention when patriots were held incommunicado denied anything that could inform them what was happening in the outside world. It was mental torture to break our resolve to push for a more just society and succumb to tyranny but we survived it all. Kenyans are now free to write and read anything like we do on this blog without any fear.

After monthly cycle anchored in a woman we have seasons. We have 2 rainy seasons in a year. Long rains from March to May and short rains in Oct and Nov. These seasons happen in the tropics.

In the temperate region, they experience 4 distinct seasons. From 1st  March to 31st May is springs ; followed by summer from 1st  June to 31st August , Fall from September 1st to November 30 that ushers winter from December 1st to February 28th . During winter, most activities outside stop due to snow. It became very cold. Plants shed their leaves to withstand winter.  Summer time is when they go all out to have fun. Winter and summer are the opposite of each other. One very cold and lifeless, the other hot and bubbling.

This cycle repeats itself within 52 weeks without fail. Each complete cycle of 4 seasons is one year. This explains how we came to count duration in years. Asking how old someone is the same as asking how many winters or long rains you have witnessed. God pronounced as is recorded in genesis 6:3 that man will live for 120 winters or summers. This was after man sinned and fell short of Gods favor. People before the big floods lived for 900+ years

This is the natural order God put in place during His 6 days of work. He established systems and rhythms and left the working seamlessly. It has been working for over 13 billion years.  It does not appear like it will change in the near future. Maybe when He decides otherwise in His wisdom. Or according to His plans which we do not know as yet. He reveals Himself to us in His timing.
To be continued…

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