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Azima wellness talk 4/2019

Azima financial wellness tidbits ; In Celebration of our Women’s Achievements.

Please Join me in celebrating our ladies for the great strides they are making in many areas of life. Since the first World Conference on Women, Mexico City 1975, a number of women have scaled up the ladder of success to do what was unimaginable in the recordings of history. From taking up leadership positions that were initially preserved for men, to founding and running mega businesses around the globe.

The world realized it is losing a lot in development because it had locked out more than half of its population from taking their rightful positions. In July 1985, the 3rd world conference on Women was heald in Nairobi to provide the blue print for promotion of peace by eradication of discrimination against women in  society.


In 2006, Africa witnessed a revolution when, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf became the first elected female president of Liberia while In 2013 as a seven-year-old girl Zora Ball (West Philadelphia), became the youngest human to create a mobile game app.

Here at home, we have big names in Businesses founded and Managed by women. Tabitha Karanja, founder and CEO of Keroche Breweries. Dr Jennifer Riria, founder of Kenya Women Holdings. Flora Mutahi, Founder and C.E.O Melvin’s Tea. Claire Muhoro-Scientist, name them the list is endless!

In Kenya today, Women’s businesses account for almost half (48 percent) of all Micro, Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (MSMEs) which contribute up to 20 percent to Kenya’s GDP.

Out of the 462,000 jobs created annually since 2000 in Kenya, 445,000 jobs have come from the informal sector where 85 percent of women’s businesses are found.  March 2017 was a very good year for Kenya women.  9 of our women made it into the list of top 100 most influential women in Africa.

9 Kenyans named in top 100 influential women in Africa

Help me to celebrate our Women for flying our flag high.

But one area the women are not doing well is in investments. This area they have a long way to go. Most women are good at saving money but when it comes to making  investment decisions they get it wrong. Women are consulting the wrong people for investment  advice

I’ve been privileged to review the financial status of a number of and l can say without fear of contradiction, our women are being misadvised. When doing women’s financial health audit, I discovered women have made sterile investment decisions. They  invest emotionally not intelligently.

This is why I teach financial IQ

Despite their potential, women-owned businesses in Kenya are less likely to scale. They are small and are twice as likely to be operating from home as male-owned businesses. As at 2006, Women-owned MSMEs reports indicate earning only 57 percent of income that male business  of the same size  earn. They also have fewer employees. In 1999 only 4 percent of the workers in women-owned businesses were professionally hired. The remainder consisted of family members and apprentices.

Women are good at conserving wealth but they forget factoring  the cost of  inflation. Savings should only be placed in instruments  that yeild  more than applicable inflation. This year inflation is around 4.7%

My advice is to always consider investments that beat inflation.

Another problem why women are not feeling the impact of success is not doing due diligence. Women are too trusting when it comes to investments. Human beings are emotional beings but when it comes to money refuse to be emotional.  Women are more emotional than men .
What ladies can do better

Ask powerful questions about every venture. Seek to understand what are the factors likely to affect profitability in any investment . In every pitch seek answers to all questions that pop in your mind. Ask questions about the issues on the table and those beneath the table. What is declared and the undeclared.

If women are able to burst a cheating man, why do they get it wrong when it comes to investments? Why go slow on making crucial financial decisions like bolting out of a loosing stock?

I advice ladies to be courageous enough to sell their business that is not doing well. Or close it altogether. It is better than holding onto a business that is not meeting operation budget let alone making profits

Wealth creation  is not marriage. The until death do us part does not apply here. Take it like courtship. If it is not working, bolt out and look for a better deal. There are many options out there.

We will continue this conversation next week.

Profound Regards;
Coach Maina Azimio.

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