Get Paid for selling your Skills.

Get paid for selling your skills.

During my travels abroad, I realized we sleep on big opportunities back here in Kenya.
We all have 24 hours in a day. We sleep for 8 hours in a day. This leaves us with  16 hours to manifest the greatness in us. The standard work day is 8 hours per day. This leave us with 8 free hours. If we factor in 2hrs for commuting to and from work, we have 6 hours we can put to good use.
How well do you relate with this  free time?

The Market capitalization of social media network stood at 39 billion Euros, as at January 2019. How much of this share gets to your wallet?
If you have a smart phone, you have many opportunities in the internet to make money. Yes literally you have the world at your fingertips. In my previous blogs, I have demonstrated how possible it is to do useful work during our free time to accumulate savings for investments.

You can easily make 520,000 in a year, from writing a weekly article to one of the many existing media platforms that buy content.  you can make extra money to supplement your current income. You can make much more if you double your efforts. This is why I have upgraded to writing two articles every week . Am doing rehearsals.
Come with me we break it down to.
1. Writing articles for the media stations/social media platforms.
All information is on the internet. Choose one area and focus on it to gather as much information to become an authority in it. Write articles to share helpful information in that area and sell it to content buyers . There are many publications looking for content.  An article published  by The Daily Nation or Standard Newspaper for will pay you ten thousands. If you get a weekly  column to write once per week, these are 52 articles in a year.

52x10k = 520k per year
This  is your seed  capital. Use the earnings to invest in stocks to multiply. You will never experience a broke  Njaanuary (January) again.
2. Online writing jobs

Do not stay pretty that you’ve an 8-5 job.  No job is safe in this era of digitization and robots. Many employed people will be out of job as robots  take over most the work space. Even if you are happy as an employee, start investing in re-skilling yourself  to acquire new skills . The old jobs are coming to an end. If you stay put, you will soon be shown the door.
Update 101. Business owners in America have become more powerful than the government. They call the shots. They pay the government. He  who pays the piper calls the tune. The Governments in turn gain from the businesses  by making 30% from the profits they pay in taxes. Using robots means less labor costs which translate to more tax for government and profit for the businesses.

Even for those in business we should not think we are safe. Our customers are the people who are losing income when laid off. They will have no money to come to your saloon or boutique as they used to when they had an income.
If you’re a landlord and your tenant has lost his income, you have lost a tenant too. And there will be no new tenants because the trend is the same across the board.
In most countries , free lancers earn more money than the permanent employees. According to Payoneer’s data, the average freelancer works 36 hours a week at a rate of $21 per hour, giving them an annual pretax salary of more than $39,000. This is significantly higher than the average non-freelance wages in most of the countries in the survey.
This is why we have to look for openings to bring money from outside.  We have to think outside the box.
Time is money; Does your free time generate money to your bank? Do not waste this precious resource. Use it to make extra income. Stop wasting time watching too much Television or anything that does not grow your income. Stop spending time on social media looking for gossip stories that add nothing in your income column. Utilize  this time to make money.
To be continued next week
With Profound Regards;
Coach Maina Azimio.

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  1. Grace says:

    Very inspiring. Would like to learn more on converting my skills to money

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