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It is not too late to reverse our unhealthy habits. To make sure the body and mind stays in top shape, we need to make efforts to live a disease free life. Disease is a state of being unwell. This cause inflammation and acidity in the body.

Welcome for more tidbits on unhealthy habits.

1. Alcohol
It comes as no surprise that drinking alcohol constitutes bad habit. How alcohol affects our health is well known. First it is highly acidic. In addition to disrupting the immune system, drinking on a regular basis can increase your risk for liver damage, high blood pressure and depression. For women, uncontrolled alcohol intake may lead to miscarriage, throat cancer and blindness in unborn babies. Alcohol may cause brain damage. TO BE SAFE, DRINK WATER! AVOID ALCOHOL

2. Not having priorities

Become aware of the difference between what seems important now and what really matters in the long run. Life involves making mistakes, as long as you learn from them, so accept imperfections and minor trials as bumps on the road. When small things don’t go as planned, make a note and move forward, knowing you’re still going in the right direction. Always keep the bigger picture in mind, and appreciate everything that’s going right. It’s natural to still get bummed about the small stuff, but don’t let it eat at you. In life, do not sweat the small stuff. And don’t forget, it’s basically all small stuff.

3. Not making time to relieve stress

Effects of stress on the body.

You should be incorporating activities that reduce stress in your everyday activities. There are plenty of different things you can do to reduce stress in your life, like exercises, travelling, moon gazing, reading poetry among others.
When stress does build up, it’s important to find healthy ways to relieve it. Regular stress takes a toll on your health and body. If left unmanaged, stress can turn into depression. A high-stress lifestyle results in changes in hormone levels which in turn raise blood pressure and blood sugar, lower your immunity and negatively affect your mood.

4. Staying in toxic relationships

When it comes to relationships we all want to benefit the most. Although we’re still learning, and every partnership comes with inevitable bumps on the road, no one should have to tolerate a toxic relationship. Toxic relationships extends to friendships as well. If you can break the habit of sticking around and staying with toxic individuals, you’ll be setting yourself up for much healthier relationships down the line when things get more serious.


When our bodies ask for food, it wants nutrients not calories. Processed food is full of calories and very low in nutrients. Combat your desire for picking up an easy food fix by preparing your own meals when you can. Prepare your own lunches at home and bring them to work. Substitute dinner deliveries with home-cooked meals. Not only will you be saving money but you’ll know exactly what is going into your dish and into your body. Most fried foods are cooked with trans fats and hydrogenated oils. These cause inflammation.
Follow tips on how to eat clean starting now! This will also help you to begin craving healthy food. Our eating habit is programmable

6. Eating late at night
Eat your food 4 hours before going to bed. (remember the ideal time to go to bed is latest 2200 hrs) Late-night snacking is one of the big health mistakes you can make before bed. The calories you consume rev up your metabolism and raise your body temperature, interfering with your REM cycles and much-needed sleep. The body will be working on the food instead of the restorative process. Late-night snacking has also been linked to poor memory.

7. Spending too much time indoors

Make specific plans that take you outdoors on the weekends. Even without set activities, there are plenty of ways to spend more time outside. Forgo public transportation and walk instead when weather can allow and you have the time. Take your pastimes outdoors, like reading or writing in the park. While long hours at work deplete your energy levels , once you’re free it is important that you make an effort to get outdoors. Create time to go for a hike. In Azima wellness, we hike on 3rd sat of the month

Our bodies need vitamin D for calcium absorption. Calcium help the body maintain acid/alkaline balance. Staying indoors can be bad for our mental health, as well as increase our lethargy and bring down our mood.

Your total wellness is our concern.

With Profound Respect,
Coach Maina Azimio.

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