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Wellness is broad. It takes much more than sleeping for enough hours, staying in a forest like the Ogiek where there is abundance oxygen and fresh uncontaminated water. You need much more than this.

Wellness denotes perfect balance. There are foodstuff you might not get in the forest and need to buy. There are utility items you will need to buy. You have bills to pay that require money. The list of needs is long .

This is why learning how to generate, grow and preserve wealth is non-negotiable. It is part of weĺlness.

Wealth is an abundance of valuable material possessions or knowledge. In today’s world, wealth is presented in money form.

What is money?

Money is a medium of exchange or a store of value. We have many forms of money in today’s fast paced economy. We have the normal legal tender(Fiat money)issued by governments. We have digital money like crypto currencies(bitcoin is the most popular here). We have other forms like safaricom bonga points or super markets credit points.

All these are various presentations of tradable value. They are used in exchange of goods and services. The most developed form is fiat money. You are paid for the perceived value you bring to the market place. There exist ways the world commerce is traded across different jurisdictions . Money is the common denominator in global trade.

The best way to use money is as a store of value. You can turn tables and make money work for you instead of you working to earn it .

This is smart!

It is the best way to relate with money. If well invested, it can enable you to attain freedom from ever having to work for money to pay your bills . If income from your passive investment streams is more than your recurrent expenses, you have financial independence. If you have various streams of income that are sustainable and the profit is above inflation, then you have attained financial freedom.

It is at this stage you will have attained financial wellness. We will unpack later the steps to take to be at this stage . It is built over time through consistent money placements in smart investments. It start with saving money to invest. Saving is achieved from practicing delayed gratification. Save , invest and reinvesting the profit to enjoy later .

This is how you will be able to buy the things you require in your old age when you stop working.

It is unacceptable to depend on our children, the community(church) or govenment in our later years. In this state you cannot live long.

The good book says… It is not how much you make but how much you keep and for how many generations it works for you!

Keep it here for more on this and more.

Your total wellness is our concern.

With Profound Respect,
Coach Maina Azimio.

ICF- Accredited Certified Professional Coach,
Conference Speaker and Corporate Trainer in Wellness.
Tell: 0704 561 095 or 0722 516 896

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