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The increasing number of people living with lifestyle diseases is worrying. This is even more worrying because nothing much is being done on preventive care. The government is focusing available resources to managing existing conditions .
See it here below how bad the situation was in 2016. It is much worse today

We had 4 million people with chronic kidney failure in 2016. This is scaring. Of the 4 million, about 6,000-8,000 end up joining those already on dialysis every year. This strain our installed capacity further demanding more resources be deployed to provide dialysis to more people. The cost of dialysis alone is a serious threat to the expanded NHIF.
Allow me to put this in numbers

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This is too heavy a burden for our economy. All the items used to manage dialysis are imported. With an average of 6000-8,000 more people of the 4 million reaching end stage where they require dialysis per year, this cost is unmanageable. It calls for new thinking
This is only half the story. Many more people suffer from kidney disease but they do not know . We have only 30 Nephrologists in Kenya for 45 million people. This means many more people die of kidney failure without being diagnosed of kidney failure due to shortage of nephrologists.
Add the cost of training nephrology nurses (not all nurses can handle dialysis, they require specialized training say @ 500,000×260=130,000,000)

This is a problem that require urgent intervention. Not just focusing on expanding the capacity to do more dialysis but also to prevent lifestyle diseases.
Kidney failure is a lifestyle disease caused by toxin overload in the body.
How does toxins enter the body?

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Kidneys are one of the major organs responsible for filtering toxins from the blood . Toxins enter the body through 3 main routes.

1. Respiratory system
Air pollution, the government should do more to protect the environment making it more ideal for a healthy lifestyle.

2. The skin
We put a lot of toxins on our skin. From the soaps we use in the morning when we wake up , the lotions and jellies we use on our skin. Vaseline is one of the most abused jelly we apply on the skin. Men get more exposure during hair cut in d barber shops. The baby powder the barber apply on the skin before shaving and the aftershave and methylated spirit quickly find their way to the blood system and are transported to the kidneys. These we should refuse to be used on our skin. (more details on this later)

3 Food or through the gut
we eat 3 meals in a day. These meals are the elephant in the room when it comes to loading toxins in the body. In matters diet most of us get it all wrong. This is where we need to train our focus and do a lot. First in the choice of our food.
Most of the food in our market is grown using chemicals and pesticides .These chemical residues end up in our breakfast, lunch and dinner table. The majority of the food in the market today is loaded with toxins making life very difficult for the good kidney .When we wake up in the morning , we start to load toxins in the gut with breakfast . The majority take tea or coffee which has a drug called caffeine .

Coffee is one of the crops that is grown with all manner of chemicals . Breakfast beverages are normally accompanied with milk which is produced with a lot of antibiotics and deworming chemicals that are known to be unhealthy to human life .WHO has clear guidelines on withdrawal period from human consumption of milk -72 hours while meat is 21-28 days after use of antibiotics .

Big question; who observes the withdrawal periods?
On top of this, milk is Pasteurized and preserved with more stuff that are toxic. A lot of Milk that is transported from farms to the cooling plant or processing plant is preserved with hydrogen peroxide which is yet more toxin load for the kidneys to work on.
Well endowed families consider breakfast accompanied with high protein and high fat items like sausages, bacon , smokies and other highly processed meat products and preserved with more preservatives to be the ideal breakfast. Truth is this is a terrible combination .

This is not a good way to start the day with a high dose of toxins .The kidney will soon get overwhelmed. Even before the kidney has filtered the breakfast toxins, it is 10 o’clock time for more tea with sugar loaded snacks and for some with more sausages and eggs . it is the same story for Lunch, 4 o’clock, supper and dinner.
This is why we have over 4 million Kenyans with kidney failure and 6000-8,000 among them ending up to dialysis per year. This cannot be let to continue like this .We need interventions from everybody.

In Azima wellness consultants, we have taken to champion preventive healthcare. We are advocates for a holistic lifestyle change. We advice people to drop habits that lead to acidity and toxin buildup. This is overloading the kidneys.
A Toxic body is the conducive environment for all diseases including Cancer.

To reverse most lifestyle diseases is common sense. It is a journey back to nature. To avoid Toxic stuff and conditions that make the body secret more acids. If we can alkalize the body adequately, we will prevent and avoid inflammation which causes the cell to mutate and cause cancer.

Where do we start with this behavior change and lifestyle adjustment?

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We start with a comprehensive wellness audit and health check to confirm how our vital organs are working. This give indication which areas of our lifestyle require adjustment. From our experience this far, We note that majority of those who get kidney failure are overweight or obese .This means they have put on more fat deposits than the body can comfortably accommodate causing it stress .This is the beginning of many other problems.
Example of problems associated with excess fat

The journey to weight loss and behavior change requires strong will and resolve to stay through the course .Many people have come to us requesting for help because they have not been able to make it on their own . This is why we have organized the 66 days lifestyle adjustment and behavior change challenge that will guide those participating through a behavior change process with supervision of our diet experts and physical fitness trainers .
You are welcomed to join us we walk through it together

your total wellness is our concern.

With Profound Respect,
Coach Maina Azimio.

ICF- Accredited Certified Professional Coach,
Conference Speaker and Corporate Trainer in Wellness.
Tell: 0704 561 095 or 0722 516 896

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