sleeping Dos and don’ts


Sleeping Dos and Don’ts

This week we have been discussing why sleep is critical to good health. Oxygen is our number one requirement to stay alive. Second to oxygen is sleep and we have shared WHY in details.
Now come with me we unpack HOW to navigate through sleep.
1. Go to bed at the same time every day. This will make your body fit a sleeping routine in your default setting. You should not have an irregular sleeping pattern if you want to get best results.

If you are above 18 years, plan to sleep for 6-8 hours a night or sleep for 7 hours in the right conditions and timeline.

2. What is the ideal sleeping condition?
Ensure you have your last solid meal 4-5 hours before sleeping. This will allow your body to start repairing immediately you go to bed. If you have food in the stomach, the body will first work on digestion instead of rejuvenation.

3. Sleep during the night.
We should sleep between 22 hours and 04 hours. It has been scientifically proven that for any hour you sleep before midnight without food in the stomach, you enjoy double benefits. It is advisable to Sleep early and wake up early.

4. Do not do vigorous exercise before going to bed.
Allow your body to prepare for shutting down as from 6 pm. Do not go to the gym late in the evening if you want to sleep at 10 pm. Workout in the morning or during the day not in the evening when the body is shutting down some systems

5. Avoid taking a shower close to bed time.
The Body follows its own mechanism when preparing for sleep. Taking a shower close to bed time sabotages this process. Keep yourself warm and go to bed with the heat generated by the body.

6. Sleep in a dark place free from any form of loud noise. The quality of your sleep is predicated on many factors. It is not how long you are in bed but the quality and intensity of the sleep you enjoy that matters. We need a complete shut down for the body to have adequate sleep.

7. Do not take liquids that may make you interrupt your sleep to go to the washroom. Know how your body handles fluids and avoid any that may disrupt your sleep.
To be continued……..
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