Cost of Cancer treatment in Kenya.


cost of cancer treatment in kenya.

We are now in the 2nd half of our challenge. Congratulations for keeping the faith and walking the talk. In the 2nd half, we will focus on what we need to do to change our lifestyle for the better.  Behavior change is not easy because they are hardwired in our subconscious, but with commitments we are ready and willing to do what it takes.

Why is change necessary and urgent?

The answer is simple and straight forward; It has everything to do with the burden of lifestyle diseases. Our bad lifestyle choices are the causes of 80% of the diseases affecting the middle class. During the first part of this challenge, we have explored the bad behaviors we need to drop like chemicalized fruits and vegetables and junk foods. The solution is whole meal that is grown organically.

The organic food ecosystem in Kenya is growing well.  We now have an organic fruits & vegetables counters in Tuskys and Careefour, the leading Supermarkets in Kenya. We also have a vibrant organic food delivery system and our online marketing network.

This will go a long way to lower the costs associates with lifestyle diseases like diabetes, hypertension, kidney failure, stroke, arthritis and Cancer.

Let us take cancer as an example to bring the message home. How many types of cancer are common in Kenya? What is the cost of managing cancer?

Facts about cancer statistics in Kenya!

At least 74 Kenyans die every day from cancer

This brings the number of fatal cancer cases to 27,000 every year

21% of all cancer cases reported in Kenya is from Nairobi County. This is where we have the highest concentration of the middle class

3 out of every 5 people who die of cancer in Kenya are women. 43% of deaths are men while 57% are women.

1 out of every 5 new cancer cases is breast cancer of which 99% are from women

60% of cancer cases and 75% of deaths occur in low income countries like Kenya.

In Kenya 48,000 new cancer  cases are reported each year. Many more die before they are confirmed suffering of cancer because we do not have enough oncologists and adequate diagnostic equipment to isolate cancer cells.

Available research indicates that while testing of cancer increases chances of early detection and therefore easy management, very few people actually do the tests.

One of the most recent surveys, Kenya Demographic and Health Survey, indicated that only three percent had been tested for prostate cancer in the country.

Another research conducted independently by Nation Media Group on the occasion of World Cancer Day marked on February 4, 2016 indicated that nearly all men in the country had not been tested for cancer even though they were aware of the disease.

The cost of cancer treatment in Kenya depends on the type of cancer, the modality, cost of medicines and the type of inpatient   admission. The greatest contributors are currently the cost of medicines and inpatient   admissions. The following is a sample aggregate treatment cost for various types of cancer in Kenya.

Azima Wellness is concerned about the escalating cost of managing cancer. Unfortunately, many of the diagnosed cancers lead to death after wiping off family wealth and causing a lot of emotional pain to family members watching their loved one waste away slowly. We cannot allow this to continue happening as we watch. Azima wellness has committed to champion preventive health and support the current medical care givers do their part.

If you believe prevention is better than cure, join us we explore how we can avoid cancer and other lifestyle diseases.

Your total wellness is our concern.

 With profound regards,

Maina Azimio.
Conference Speaker and Corporate Trainer in Wellness.
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