The Art of Sleep

If you are like me and are an avid reader, then you’ve probably heard the stories.

Apple CEO Tim cook wakes up at 3:45 every morning. Both Vogue’s Anna Wintour and Twitter’s Jack Dorsey have alarms that go off before 6 am. Frank Lloyd Wright , Margaret Thatcher and Ernest Hemingway never slept through a sunrise.

Bringing it closer home, I wake up everyday at 3 am, exercise and 4 am, I start my day. What about you?

Last week, in our first article on sleep, we discussed why sleep is so important in our lives. In fact we start planning our day’s activities with sleep. This is one of the functions that our body cannot do without but requires our involvement to actualize.

God made us the custodian of this complex system that is our body which is also the temple of the Holy Spirit. It is so complex that scientists have been discovering something new about it every day and we still have so much that we do not know about the body. One of the most amazing discoveries is the circadian rhythms.

This is a game changer. We operate like the body will adapt to any program we take it through. The truth is our body has a preset clock that regulates its systems.

It operates like the school programme. If the first lesson is mathematics and the teacher is not ready for the lesson, he cannot come during the second lesson which is Kiswahili and demands to teach his math’s during Kiswahili lesson. This is the same for the body. We deny the body the benefits it gets if it does not have it at the right time. This clock cannot be adjusted manually. The body starts getting stressed up if you operate it in different times.

This calls for a thorough understanding of how the circadian systems work so that we set our daily cycle during this life. The Chinese have done a lot of research on this.

The most critical time in the circadian rhythm is the hour the body focuses on the activities that cannot happen when we are awake. Between 1am – 3pm, the body clock cleanses the liver. All blood is taken to the liver for cleaning and cells repair. The rest of the body is deprived of blood during these two hours. You should ensure you are dead asleep not to interfere with this activity. Avoid even waking up to go to the washroom during this activity. Many strokes happen at night because of waking up to rush to washroom when all the blood is in the liver and nothing in the brain or the legs.

We will continue next week with this topic, that shows clearly where we mess with our health.


Cc: kevin Ochieng

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