The Evolution of Global Commerce

Azima Wellness Talks 23/2018

The evolution of global commerce;

From hunters to  Artificial Intelligence and robots economy

Last week we tracked the history of opportunity and how this evolution affects how we organize commerce. During the hunter gatherer and subsistence farming times, there existed no motive for competition. There was more than plenty for all. The culture of primitive accumulation had not surfaced.
It is during the time of warriors who plundered for kings when the descent to selfish accumulation and competing for wealth begun. They introduced the culture of harvesting where they had not sowed. They left those who had worked hard with nothing. This was the beginning of corruption.

Then came the craftsmen who introduced the first line of commerce. They made goods for sale to other people and kept their wealth in money form which was easy to keep away from plunder by warriors.
These were followed by the explorers who expanded the possibilities to accumulate wealth by expanding to other territories. They went searching for new territories to expand their empire.

When they came to Africa, they not only plundered our resources but also took our people as slaves. This was followed by colonization which was based on subjugation of other people working for you. You plunder their resources and make them pay taxes. Africa was the theatre of this absurdity. They took our people to work for them in far away lands and also made them slaves in our own land. This explain why the black people are found in all the 5 continents.

This picture shows the level greed can drive human beings against each other
With increased production from slave labour, they required larger markets for their products. This is how global commerce started. With slavery becoming untenable, they had to come up with alternative labour. They made machines to replace  the slaves in production lines. Luckily, the machines were faster and could work day and night if they had an external power to drive them.

This gave birth to electricity and oil economy that has ruled the world through the last century. With energy and automation, the fortunes of factory owners increased tenfold. Electricity was the driver of production and oil for transportation. This ushered in the era of big corporations and globalization. The discovery of airplanes made the world a global village. It became possible to fly from one corner of the world to the other in 24 hours.

This ushered in financial economy. Production lines were automated leaving very little to human hands. Banks, insurance and stock markets were born to trade equities. Those who control commerce control politics all over the world. They  influence enactment of business laws by governments. These are a very smart lot. They introduced rules that companies of certain sizes have to go public to allow investors in. This is how Steve Jobs was removed from a company he had helped to form. Recently, Kalanick of Uber was shown the door of his company by shareholders. This lot calls the shots everywhere.

This is how Silicon Valley and venture capitalists came up. Startups were given permission to soar in creativity and birth transformative ideas. The deep pocketed capitalists finance the business rollout and the  growth stage upto breakeven point.

With this permission, the innovators of our time have taken the world to a new level. Information and technology driven economy is propelled by venture capitalist who provide capital for start up businesses.Everything has been turned upside down. This has taken their  creative juices to a new level. This is how Microsoft became a global brand. It is how Facebook, AirBnB, Uber, Youtube, Google and Instagram were created.

This ecosystem gave birth to internet and the world wide Web.  This was the start of the digital economy. AI has taken it to another new level. Workers are under threat of robots taking over their jobs. How will they meet their basic needs? This is why we are talking of universal basic income for all.

The new era is frightening. People cannot survive without some disposable income. The digital gadgets we use to access cloud data and internet require energy to power them. We need money to pay for the energy. We require Wi-Fi to connect to the web. There has been some effort to make Wi-Fi available for free but this cost is paid for as public services. Our lives are literally tied to Wi-Fi without which you are cut off the world.

This is the history of opportunity. It is important to retrace these steps to understand how we got where we are. The voices of reason have been fighting for universal inclusion. For a fair world where all human beings have access to basic needs. While some people become desperate, the rich get richer. For the first time in the world, the richest men in the world crossed the 100 billion dollars worth. This is almost double the GDP of our country with 50 million people. Some economies like America with over 17 trillion dollar GDP is more than 5 times the economy of Africa with 53 countries and a population 4 times that of America. This is unfair.

This is why the global community came together in late 1990’s and formulated the MDG’s to address this widening gap. The 8 goals were a way of calling for affirmative action. Calling out the rich to give back part of what they have been taking from the poor to enable them live a decent life. These goals were found to be unsustainable. They gave way to the 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

SDG’S are more pro-people with social justice as the key pillar.

Africa also came up with our own goals in 2015 popularly referred to as Agenda 2063. These are quite ambitious goals if implemented to the letter and spirit. We are happy that the political class is giving their roadmap serious attention and support. Their offshoot is the  signing of a common market for Africa in Kigali the other day. This is a huge milestone.

We have all it takes for a new beginning. Next week we will go to specific details and discus the opportunities we can plug in as FABA. Keep it here for more.

With profound regards,
Maina Azimio
Founder and CEO
Azima Wellness Consultants LTD
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