Towards Humanizing The Workplace

Azima Wellness Talks 21/2018

Towards Humanizing The Workplace

This week has been significant. Azima Wellness Consultants turned 15 months on 22nd May. We came live on 22nd February 2017 one year after SDGs became the global standards to rally development towards vision 2030. We have been overwhelmed by the support people have shown to the wellness message we pitch for. Our interactions confirm our people perish because of lack of knowledge. The two major areas affecting our professionals and the middle class is health and financial wellness. This is the elephant in the room.

We are living in advance. We spend before we earn. This is dangerous. If not addressed quickly, it will lead to a lot of financial stress for workers and  eventually affect productivity. People are behaving like they have never heard of delayed gratification. Smart adverts on TV’s, radio and social media have stupefied our people to want the good things in life before they have earned them. We have become a generation of instant coffee, fast foods and everything pap! This is why the fastest growing business in the 2 years of SDGs is digital money Lending!


This calls for combined effort to educate our people that this borrowing comes with high interest. When borrowing, people rarely think of the cost of borrowing. We behave like the lender is doing us a favour. Allow me to point state that  they are in business. Borrow from them at your peril!

The interests on digital money is too high to the borrower. Because they lend small money quickly may appear like it’s cheap. The tabulated costs for these  services speaks volumes. Central  bank should reign in on them and make it madatory they reveal all the costs . The truth is they are more expensive than shylock money.


The other area we are performing badly is in matters health. Unless something is done urgently, we are going to lose the most productive members of our society. This I witnessed first hand in Mombasa this week. It was a week of a number of professionals annual conferences which were held in Mombasa. ICPAC had more than 2400 members attending their 40th anniversary. They had to spread to different hotels. IHRM had more than 650 members attending their 5th annual conference. Over 2000 MCAs and senators had their meeting at Pride Inn hotel too.

These three meetings alone brought more than 5000 professionals to hotels in Mombasa. From the behaviour pattern I observed interacting with them, we are in big trouble. The hotel gym in Whitesands hotel was deserted. The gym instructor was under engaged. The beach did not have many people jogging in the morning as you would expect from such a high number of guests . This confirms  our professionals are living a sedentary lifestyle. I did a spot check in pubs at 10pm and confirmed they were full to capacity. This is scary

When we went for breakfast I was disappointed there were no vegetables on the buffet breakfast. No one seemed to notice or got bothered. When I called the manager, he told me they serve vegetables for lunch. I got surprised because the rule of the thumb is breakfast should be the biggest meal of the day. And the standard meal plan state that half the plate should be vegetables. How could this be met?


This is why our body shape and size resembles the guy on the left. It is all because of our poor relationship with food. This explains why there is an explosion of NCDs among the middle class. This is the place to start to humanize the workplace. We cannot talk about improving working conditions when the workers are sick. Non communicable diseases are caused by our lifestyle.  Period. And the numbers are scaring.

We are losing over 5000 people per hour. Employers are losing the most productive workers to NCDs. A lot of money is going to pay medical bills. Add to this the man-hours lost when the sick staff have gone to hospital and the economic cost for a poor lifestyle becomes too much to bear.  There is so much suffering which can and should be avoided by change of life style and habits.  It requires knowledge and personal commitment to make these adjustments. In Azima wellness, we educate and motivate people to take the necessary steps for better health.

This is why Azima wellness exist . The effects of NCDs to life longevity is clear. 38 million people are dying every year due to bad behaviors. Many more are living with these diseases. How can we achieve vision 2030 goals that are centered on enhancement of quality of life? In Azima wellness, we have taken this as our calling. We are determined to make a difference in this area.

We focus on Physical Health, Mental, Financial and Emotional wellness. These are our big 4 pillars of wellness. We hold daily discussions on telegram to inspire and motivate our followers to take action towards a natural and holistic lifestyle. We allocate each pillar a day from Monday to Thursday and leave Fridays for Muslims, Saturdays-SDA and Sundays other Christians to seek spiritual wellness.

We also use these 3 days for reflections to deepen our understanding of what we have learnt during the week and engage the resource persons who facilitate discussions.

To be continued next week.
With profound regards,
Maina Azimio
Founder and CEO
Azima Wellness Consultants LTD
Conference Speaker & Corporate Trainer in Total Wellness.

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