President Uhuru’s Big 4

AzimaWellnes Talks 18/2018

President Uhuru’s Big 4

How you can position yourself to reap benefits from his ambitious plans.

We are going through interesting times. Very interesting indeed. Our president is all out to make amends for the poor (no performance) in his first term. It was a time of more of politicking than development. Governments exist to harness available resources for human development. The first resource to be harnessed is the human resource. The first term of jubilee was a wasted time.

When I found that the government was big on politicking in 2013 through to 2015, I convinced myself to excuse them because the top leadership had ICC threat hanging over their head. This case was a big distraction. Its human nature that if you are faced by an existential threat, you first save yourself before anything else.


When the cases ended and they continued with politics as usual, we as patriots had to do something. I remembered the words of Mahatma Gandhi to be the change you want to see. This challenged me to commit to some action. I reached out to a number of  like-minded people and we came up with Azima Wellness Consultants. Azima brings a pool of thought leaders in the area of wellness working together like politicians come together to form a political party. The only difference is ours is purely for humanitarian support. No personal interest drive this initiative.

It is a manifestation of leading  without a title. We identified the major problems facing our society as poverty. Poverty is a deficiency of elements or resources that are needed or desired to achieve aspirational goals. These elements may include mental poverty, health, financial and emotional wellness. The major element among these 4 elements is mental poverty. We are in a world that is controlled by commercial interests.


The pro choice proponents advocates for giving people freedom to choose to destroy themselves. Problem is people are not empowered to make the right choices. Bombarded with so much information cleverly packaged in commercials for mental programming, the majority are unable to make rational choices.

Azima identified the 4 pillars of wellness as our area of focus. We came up with them after many hours of deliberations. Regarding matters health we are doing badly yet it is the most important pillar.  Our progress will  revolve around good health. We cannot have a sharp brain inside a toxic body. The mind exists inside the body. The mind and the body work in symphony. None can exist without the other but the body comes first. A toxic body will contaminate the mind as well.

Then we have financial and emotional wellness. These two work together. Absence of one affects the other in a big way. Money is an enabler. It makes our well thought out  ideas and desires become a reality. If we have money to manifest our desires, we can satisfy our emotions which are a product of our desires. Our mental processing power determines our latitude.

The components of true wealth start with good health, shelter, food security, energy and a peaceful environment. President Uhuru and his team considered the same parameters when they came up  with the four pillars he is building his legacy on. We are reading on the same page.

I call upon all members of  Azima wellness to harvest these low lying fruits presented to us in our presidents 4 pillars. The government has allocated 460 billion in the budget for the four pillars. It has 90 Billion for healthcare. This is also our pillar No. 1 in Azima. Add the 43Billion for food security and our pie becomes bigger. We lead in this area as advocates for organic farming and not food that compromise our health leading to more expenses in hospitals. Manufacturing has been allocated  10.3 Billion. This fits in well with what we have been advocating for in FABA(For Africa By Africans). This is the surest way to create more jobs for our youths and expand the shrinking taxable income.

We identified housing and energy as the top sectors ready for disruption. We have been advocating for a shift from concentrating on building houses and chasing “buroti” to supply building materials – not the brick and mortar items like walling blocks, sand and ballast but fittings that cost the most money in construction.

In energy, the world is moving to green energy like solar and biogas, wind energy and even energy from garbage. We are in good company. We will be unpacking the many opportunities available for us in our monthly talk on Friday at 680. Kindly join us and keep it here next week to see how we can turn our problems to opportunities for our economic takeoff and financial turnaround.


 Am excited and ready to go. Je wewe?

With profound regards,
Maina Azimio
Founder and CEO
Azima Wellness Consultants LTD
Conference Speaker & Corporate Trainer in Total Wellness.

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