Your Health Is Your Wealth; Why the two are inseparable

Azima Wellness Talks 14/2018

Your Health Is Your Wealth; Why the two are inseparable

We have come to Q2 2018. We can all vividly remember December 2017 or early 2018 when we took  time off to write our goals for 2018. Now we are done with a full quarter of the year. We are about to clock the proverbial 100 days that is used to rate performance in a new assignment. What is your story for the first 100 days of the year 2018? ( By the next talk we will have gone beyond 100 days. We are at 96 days as I write this. Come with me we put things in perspective.

We have heard many times the saying that your health is your wealth. Most of us take this for granted. Truth is that health and wealth are intertwined. None can exist in isolation. If you are in robust health you are wealthy already. We work hard to create wealth so that it affords us good health. So health and wealth are inseparable Siamese twins.

Allow me to submit to you that in today’s world, wealth comes first, then health.

 This is why.

The World Health Organization describes health as a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity. Health is a dynamic condition resulting from the body’s constant adjustment and adaptation in response to stresses.

The truth is the number 1 cause of stresses is money. Either lack of it or too much of it without a good plan to manage it can lead to stresses that will compromise your health. This is why in Azima Wellness we give priority to teach our members about mental wellness before financial wellness. We start our week every monday by seeking to secure physical health, then mental wellness on tuesday and follow this up with financial wellness on wednesdays. To join our telegram group; Follow this link.

On Thursday we focus on emotional wellness and allocate 3 days- Friday to Sundays to spiritual wellness. We are not directly active in matters spiritual because there are no uniform standards in spiritual matters. We do not judge or favour any way to spirituality, believers in any religion or those who do not. Truth is we are all spiritual beings by nature. It is natural and universal. Even the atheists have a spiritual angle. We recommend that all our members take time to focus on their spiritual wellness in their own chosen ways and seek out fellowship from those they share beliefs.

As for matters wealth, allow me to state that wealth is the abundance of valuable material possession or knowledge. One of the most valuable possessions in life is good health. We therefore cannot talk of wealth without good health. The knowledgeon  how to gain and maintain radiant health is the true wealth.

The ability to afford the things that accord you good health is wealth. These includes living in an area the air and water are not polluted, there is no noise pollution and water is clean. This cost good money. The ability to afford organic food and have a balanced diet that gives the body adequate nutrients does not come cheap. We need money to go for medical checkups every so often especially as we start aging because stress level increases and the body produce more acid . Acidity is the state that allows diseases to flourish. No disease can exist in an alkaline state.

We need money to buy comfort and happiness. There are clever people who study human needs and invest in developing systems how to package  these needs at a fee. This is a sure way to make money. These include basic needs and wants like food, water, clothing and shelter.

Resting is as important as working. To go for a holiday requires money. Personal development requires money. You need money to contribute to projects you feel strongly about. In the world we live in today, you cannot make an impact without money. Money is an enabler of our desires.

The good thing is making money is simple if you know the formula. It might not be easy though.  Study people’s needs and wants then choose what you can provide to meet them and they have the ability to pay for it. We get paid for bringing value to the market place. All the top ten richest men in the world did was to identify an area or gap that required improvement and dedicated themselves to that cause and we now reward them for making our life easier and better.

Bill Gates gifted us Microsoft Operating System which made office and life operations easy to organize and especially operations record keeping and retrieval. Steve Jobs made computers a portable product and accessible to everyone unlike the days when computers were a preserve of big offices. Larry Page made use of the smart computers to make information accessible at our finger tips with Wikipedia and Google. Zuckerberg broke the barriers of communication and created an amazing connectivity that has now made the world a global village and for him billions.

Kalanick used the smartphones developed by Apple to solve the problems we used  to encounter to hail taxi services and tamed the greed of old style taxis. Jeff Bezos has made shopping so easy with Amazon. We do not need to make a trip to the malls. You can shop in America from the comfort of your office. All our needs can be made available pap!

These are people who have a wealth of experience in capitalizing on human needs. They are now investing in other processes to transform our lives. Larry Page is investing heavily to improve the way we diagnose diseases and travel. The fossil fuel engines are messing with our environment big time. They are championing clean energy and driverless cars with Elon Musk of Tesla and SpaceX.These will revolutionize the way we organize our lives completely. There are no shortages of things that need to be changed or improved in society where we live. What one needs to become the next billionaire is to study the society keenly and identify what to focus on changing or improving.

Faces Of Wealth

Personally, I have always been disturbed by the spiral of non-communicable diseases in the society I live in. I have buried many close friends due to cancer, kidney failure, hypertension, heart attack, diabetes and all manner of disease which can be traced to lifestyle. I got tired contributing money towards sickcare and funerals and decided to become a wellness and preventive health activist.

Am not a medic in this area though my background is animal health but all of us have a role to play if we are to win this war. We cannot leave it to the medics alone. They are already overwhelmed by non communicable diseases ravaging our people. Our medics also lack the latest diagnostic systems to help them diagnose and treat effectively. This is another relationship between wealth and health. No money means we cannot afford to equip our hospitals and patients cannot afford good treatment.

The way forward is lifestyle change. Your health is your responsibility. Forget wealth if you do not secure your health. Do not live carelessly and go to hospital when you get sick. Take it as your Number 1 responsibility to prevent getting sick. Our hospitals are congested  and doctors overwhelmed. You and I can make a positive difference through lifestyle change and share this with others. This is what we do in Azima wellness.

In our monthly talk on Friday 13th april, we will explore this subject of health and wealth. We have a guest speaker Dr Njoroge of Springs Healthcare (K) Ltd, the manufactures of wheatgrass which is a super supplement we recommend to everyone for its amazing help to the body. He is a super scientist and also one of the brains behind unleaded fuel in Kenya. Kindly join us at 680 hotel 6 – 8 P.M.

Next week we dive into the many options available to create wealth.

With profound regards,

Maina Azimio

Founder and CEO

Azima Wellness Consultants LTD

Conference Speaker & Corporate Trainer in Total Wellness.

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