The African Promise

Azima Wellness Talk 12/2018

The African Promise; Our Continental Free Trade Area Takes Shape

Am excited. Very excited indeed.

What I have been advocating for and looking like a far-fetched dream has happened sooner than I even expected. Our political leaders in Africa this week signed the common market for Africa in Kigali on Tuesday. I cannot believe this is happening now!

I have been an advocate for intra Africa trade by and among Africans. Most business done on African soil is by foreigners selling to us imported products not Africans making and trading in our own products amongst us.

I registered brand FABA in 2015 and have been working to lay its groundwork in the four corners of Africa. FABA stands for For Africa By Africans.  This is a wakeup call to Africans to rise up and claim our position in the commerce global table. It starts by developing our own home made products. This is why our call is From African by Africans.

When we go to the global stage, FABA means From Africa By Africans. Same name different meaning. We got to negotiate for our global quarter as one trade block. We have been building brand FABA in key countries. We are already in  Ethiopia, Egypt, Nigeria, Zimbabwe and South Africa. We picked on these four as our entry point to each region as we move to the entire content and empower our people economically.

This is why the news of African Common market is exciting news for me. It is Pasaka coming early. Am in celebration mood. Political leaders set the infrastructure. Entrepreneurs use the infrastructure to do business and generate jobs and wealth. The journey which begun this week is a rebirth of Africa continent. I pray we use it in a good way. It has come at an exciting time when Africans have embraced technology unlike at independence when most of our people were illiterate and therefore taken advantage of by more sophisticated foreigners.

In this era of information age, we are part of the global village in sharing information. Mobile telephony has deepened internet penetration. The best thing that has happened in this century is the World Wide Web and solar energy. Much of Africa has sunshine all year round. Any information one needs is available at a click of a button. What differentiates us is the execution.

We need to learn new skills to fit into the new world order. This new development has added momentum to this move.  For clarification, Africans  in our case refers to all the people who call Africa home. The Mhindi, Arabs and Caucasians who were born and settled in Africa are Africans. Anyone who has their home in Africa and brings to Africa profits made in other markets is one of us. Those who earn it in Africa and do not repatriate the profits. All the people who have strong reasons to protect our environment because Africa is home.

Work begins now in earnest. What has been done is the easiest part. It requires only good will by the leaders. Our part is the more taxing. It requires new thinking. It will start with unlearning the old wealth template that was installed in us through the system of education we were taught. The script has been… go to school – get an education – get employed and work until retirement. This is a servant template.

Majority job creators are foreigners. We serve their  interest. We make money for them in exchange for a small pay.  Our lives are controlled by foreigners at home. Almost all big companies in Africa are owned by foreigners. Coca cola, safaricom, kenya breweries et al.
In kenya, the best example is Aga Khan. He has so much interests in Kenya that were he to withdraw, our economy will collapse.





 Industrial Promotion Services (Kenya) Ltd


 Development institution


 African Leather Industries Ltd


 Value addition to produce finished leather products


 Allfruit EPZ Ltd


 Yellow Passion fruit and Mango concentrate processing


 Allpack Industries Ltd


 Manufacture of high quality corrugated carton packaging and polypropylene bags


 Alltez EPZ Ltd


 Manufacture of garments


 Botanical Extracts EPZ Ltd

 Athi River

 Production of Artemisinin


 Farmer’s Choice Ltd


 Meat processing


 Frigoken Ltd


 Vegetable processing for export


 Kamyn Industries Ltd


 Manufacture of hosiery


 Leather Industries of Kenya Ltd


 Processing of raw hides to finished leather


 Premier Food Industries Ltd


 Food processor of sauces, jams, canned vegetables and juices (concentrate and ready to drink)


 Tsavo Power Company Ltd


 Power generation


 Wire Products Ltd


 Manufacture of steel and allied products


 Tourism Promotion Services Ltd-Serena


 Tourism Promotion


 Tourism Promotion Services (Management) Ltd


 Manager of tourism facilities


 Diamond Trust Bank Kenya Ltd




 The Jubilee Insurance Company Ltd


 Life and general insurance


 Property Development and

Management Ltd


Property owner/manager


 Nation Media Group Ltd


Print media and broadcasting

He employs so many Kenyans directly and many more in support roles as distributors and agents. His businesses are the best in their fields. He pays a big chunk of tax revenue to our KRA. He owns a many buildings in this city and also own massive chunks of prime land.
We need to prepare our people to challenge this control. Like the Chinese do with foreign (read American) companies.

They do not allow foreign companies to dominate provision of key services in their economy. When Americans come with Facebook, they start Ten cent. When Americans go with Amazon and EBay, they start and grow Alibaba. When America have Apple, they start Huawei. This is healthy competition. They do not submit to foreign domination without a fight. This is the thinking that has made China the 2nd biggest economy in the world. If they continue with this momentum they will surpass American economy.

Even small countries like Singapore which is the size of Nairobi with a population of 5 million people has made tremendous progress. Hong Kong, Taiwan, Israel and Cuba are small countries that have made big progress because of their peoples mental wiring.
This has been my inspiration. I started Azima Wellness Consultants to prepare for this transformation. We act as change agents to disrupt the existing order which does not work to our advantage.

We have been preparing the ground before the work begins. We have been raising awareness loudly that we need to secure our health before anything else. A healthy nation is a wealthy nation. There cannot be prosperity in an obese and sick nation. We do this every morning . I wake up our members on telegram at 5 A.M to exercise. We have now formed Azima Wellness Club to bring people to workout together and explore other benefits leveraging on our numbers and good health.

To register, follow the link :

We focus on improving our mental wellness every Tuesdays to prepare mentally for the big shift. We engage in a process of unlearning to create space for new knowledge. We are aware the old interferes with the new. We have been working on this for the last one year. It is now time for action.

On Wednesdays, we focus on financial wellness. The elephant in the room is our relationship with money. We only relate with chapaa as a medium of exchange. The way to benefit from money is to use it as a store of value. To make money work for you. On Wednesdays, we teach financial intelligence. This is where we need to focus the beam to benefit from the opportunities that come with the African market. We will be breaking this down to small chunks of details in the coming newsletters. It is the most important lessons for the moment.

Finally we will focus on emotional wellness. We do things emotionally not rationally. This is where the rubber meets the road. Our emotional control and management determine to a large extent the scope  of success in real life. Most people are held captive by emotions and cultural conditioning. We got to do what need to be done to win in this area .

This is our full package. Its now time for action. Fasten your seatbelts for takeoff or you miss the African dream for good. We are here to hold your hand along the way. We thankyou for believing in us when things had not taken shape.

Twende kazi!

With profound regards,
Maina Azimio
Founder and CEO
Azima Wellness Consultants LTD
Conference Speaker & Corporate Trainer in Total Wellness.

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