Azima Wellness Preventive Healthcare Action Plan

Azima Wellness Talks 11/2018

Azima Wellness Preventive Healthcare Action Plan

We now have 2 more weeks to finish Q1 2018 and move to Q2. We agreed that this is the year of action. Azima Wellness has 4 pillars that we focus on. These are physical health, mental, financial and emotional wellness. We start with health wellness because everything else revolves around physical health. We must secure our health first before anything else.

In the past two weeks, I shared the health program we have put together for our members. We acknowledge that health matters are critical and quite deep. It requires expert advice. I have not seen anything as complex as the human body in my 54 years on this planet. It takes a lot of willpower to learn and process all these complexities and come up with an appropriate budget to secure health.

Am particularly concerned with matters health because it affects all other pillars of wellness. He who has health has hope, and who has hope has everything. I have seen people who were close to me and worked very hard to build a solid wealth portfolio ending up broke in their old age because of medical bills. I have seen others who get lifestyle diseases just at the time they should start to enjoy life and then disease strike and they get put on a strictly controlled diet.

This is not what I want for Azima Wellness members. I would not wish it for anybody. It is the prime reason why Azima Wellness exist. To raise awareness that what we do on a daily basis contributes to how we will end up in old age; sometimes it may manifest early in life.

We start our wellness program by establishing our current health status. We shared with you the list of vital tests that give a fair indication how your body is currently. Our Preventive health and wellness doctor did a good job and came up with a detailed list of the tests that are useful to give your physician proper foundation to prepare your health management plan.

Have you done your tests? Have you discussed the results with our preventive and wellness healthcare consultants?

Last week I shared the our Comprehensive preventive and wellness healthcare program we have put together for you with Dr.Kahindi. All you need to do is plug in and take control of your health. Prevention is better than cure. I hope you have had the chance to read through the plan. Any questions or suggestions are welcomed. This program is mainly a preventive program but has a component to treat or manage pre-existing conditions of non-communicable diseases and other preventable diseases.

The cost of medicare is competing with other productive sectors in Kenya.  Last year, We spent more than 700 billion in sick care. This is enough money to build SGR from Nairobi to Kisumu without a loan. It is enough money to equip all our schools with laptops not only for class one but all the students including those in universities and colleges. It can build Thika Super Highway all the way to Garisa and beyond.

We cannot continue paying leap service to our health yet it is costing us this much. Remember this does not include money spent by family members visiting the sick in hospital and the transport cost for patients to attend clinics.

If we factor in the mental and emotional cost , you can see why Azima Wellness gives it top priority. We cannot be working hard to make money that enrich the big pharmas at the expense of everything else. We are big losers in this game. We import all medical items from diagnostic equipment to surgicals and medicine. We import even simple medical devises like wheel chairs and walking sticks/ clutches.

Those people who benefit from our sickness would like us to continue doing what we have been doing to continue lining their pockets. Azima Wellness is shouting loud!  We are holding a placard. Things must change now! The Kenyan middle class owe it to our less privileged to educate them which lifestyles contributes to these lifestyle diseases. This is what we have been doing with Dr.Kahindi. This is what we have the pleasure to bring it to our members.

We request you to kindly join Azima Wellness Club by paying a one off membership fee of 1000 shillings to enable us set up your account to access all the listed benefits. We are working on more benefits. Do  not be left out of these benefits. It is only one thousand shillings to get started.

Congratulations for taking action on your health. After securing our health, we will focus on how to make money to meet these costs. Keep it here next week when we delve into financials proper.

With profound regards,
Maina Azimio
Founder and CEO
Azima Wellness Consultants LTD
Conference Speaker & Corporate Trainer in Total Wellness.

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