Celebrating Azima Wellness Consultants Year One

Azima Wellness Talks 09/2018

Celebrating Azima Wellness Consultants Year One

I salute you all. This week we take a break to celebrate our first anniversary in operation. Azima was born on 22nd Feb 2017 and unveiled at the foot of Kilimambogo on 25th February. We had gone for a hike with Sense 101 season 2. Dr. Kinyanjui the founder and chief mentor in Sense 101 had requested me to prepare Sense 101 hikers for a hike in November 2016 as part of My Life Journey mentorship programme. Some hikers got excited by hiking and expressed interest  to continue hiking.  Dr. Kinyanjui also requested me to help him climb Mt.Kenya and invited other members who may be interested to join us in this challenge.

When time for season 2 time to do the hike which is part of training in My Life Journey, I was retained to prepare them for their hike. I found this to be a good opportunity to grow hiking spirit among the middle class in Nairobi. To give it structure, I founded  Azima Wellness Consultants Ltd.

During preparations for a hike, I take people through health hacks that are critical to build stamina, endurance and resilience. I also coach them on  overall wellness from food and drinks to our sleeping pattern and resting. I also emphasize  on the importance of  making exercises a daily routine and being deliberate to maintain overall health. We go through a detox program before we do the hike and advice the hikers to avoid toxins from junk foods and drinks. On the day of the hike, I make effort to check what the hikers packed for snacks and advise them on those that are unhealthy and why/ or the consequences.

This is one of the activities we do in Azima Wellness every month. Every 3rd Saturday of the month, we go for a hike to escape the pollution in Nairobi and push ourselves out of our comfort zone.

As we celebrated our 1st anniversary, we hiked Mt.Kenya to fly our flag at peak Lenana where the legendary Kisoi Munyao hoisted our flag at independence in 1963. It was a humbling experience leading a team of Azima hikers to the top of the biggest mountain in Kenya. Only one member of my team did not make it to the top due to altitude sickness but she made it past Shipton camp which is only 6 kms to the top meters high. This was a great achievement.

We will continue with our monthly hikes this year. Here is our 2018 calendar for your reference. We kindly ask anyone who want to experience the joy of hiking to join us.



January      20th

February    17th

February        9th

March         17th

March            9th

April            21st

April                13th

May            19th

May                 11th

June           16th

June                8th

July             21st

July                13th

August        18th

August            10th

Sept             22nd

 September    14th

October       20th

October           12th

November    17th

November       9th

December     15th

December      14th

Hiking is much more than just physical exertion. It is as well a mental activity. It is a microcosm of life itself. You cannot just wake up and go for a hike. You need to prepare for a major hike by doing many prep hikes. To do the prep hikes too requires daily exercise for at least 10 days to prepare your muscles for the unfamiliar activity. This push you out of your comfort zone. You got to drop certain behaviors like alcohol and smoking if you want to perform well on the mountains. The benefits are many.

Another activity that Azima does monthly is our wellness talks. We hold the open talks every 2nd Friday of the month @ 680 hotel. We did the first talk on 9th February which had 70 paxs attending. We thank you so much for showing confidence in Azima. We will have the 2nd talk on March 9th at the same venue. This time we are honoured to have an expert in trading stocks. Mr Gichohi of NIC will be our guest speaker to share knowledge how to make money on this area.

We agreed our  year 2 will be  a year of action. In our first year, we spent most of our time raising awareness about wellness. Allow me to repeat that wellness is the process of learning about and engaging in behaviours that are likely to lead to optimal health if practiced properly and consistently. We have educated our members daily for the last one year. It is now time for execution.

We recognize that health matters are private. We respect our member’s privacy. To take proper action and protect our member’s privacy, we formed Azima Wellness Club which offers us a platform to engage matters health in privacy. We have developed an irresistible package  of benefits for our members to appreciate you for your support.

To join the club, you only need to pay a one off registration fee of 1,000 to help us set up your account and fill in the online registration form at https://goo.gl/forms/pSTxfMxCWMFSvgyS2 .

The benefits we have negotiated on your behalf require proper identification to access them. We kindly request you to fill in the form and pay the 1,000 fee to enable us set up your account to access these benefits and more on the pipeline.

To start the year in a big way, we have requested our members to do a health and wellness audit. There are certain health parameters we need to keep monitoring as we grow older. They give indication how the body is performing and give signals if anything is not going well for early intervention. We have developed the following with our preventive health and wellness specialist Dr. Kahindi and Eunice.

If you have not done a comprehensive health check in the last 6 months, we recommend you do it now and discuss with your doctor or Dr.Kahindi for advice. Dr Kahindi also runs Emerald heath care services and have full laboratory services. They have a discount package for Azima wellness club members.

This year being our year of engagements, we have lined up several programs to help our members transform their lives.
We have the following training programs for you
1. Azima Wellness Quadrant.
2. Azima Entrepreneurship 101.
3. Transitioning from Employment to Business.
4. Weight Management Journey. How to loose excess weight and keep it away.

We start our classes with a needs assessment session that takes  one hour in our office at Cargen House, 3rd floor suite 316, Harambee Avenue. This enables us to assess what fits your wellness  needs. We are at different levels of wellness. We will recommend  what works best for you after the needs assessment be it our programs or advice who offers a training module that will meet your expectations.

We work in partnership with several training experts like Sense 101, Centonomy, Peak Performance International, Passion Biz and Powertalks among other reputable trainers . Our members in Azima Wellness Club get discounted rates in the training courses they enroll both in Azima Wellness and in other partner training organisations.

It is easy to miss something you are not looking for. Let this not be wellness. We are committed to make wellness our no 1 agenda this year

Your total wellness is our concern
With profound regards,
Maina Azimio
Founder and CEO
Azima Wellness Consultants LTD
Conference Speaker & Corporate Trainer in Total Wellness

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