How To Create Solid Wealth

How To Create Solid Wealth

In our last article, we started looking at the road-map to financial freedom. As we discussed, life comes in different seasons. Today we look at the other stages.

Wealth Accumulation Stage (30 – 40 Years).

 This is a very critical stage.
By this time you are more mature. You have a family and children. You have had better exposure if you started well in stage 1 and realized that if you expand your investments they can generate more than your salary.

Keep accumulating to build a critical mass that can work for you to create a higher income than your recurrent expenses.

Problem is ……

By this time, most salaried people have tied themselves with loans, mortgages, car loans, furniture loans, gadget loans and all. This we need to keep off. They are debt traps. You have school fees to pay for your children and other responsibilities. We will show you how to avoid these traps.

Wealth Consolidation (40 -50 Years)

You have learned what works and what does not.
Put your money where to make more money for you and keep multiplying.

You have hands on experience in several areas of business. You’ve failed In a number of businesses and learnt good lessons. You have a lot of knowledge to share with other people. You can become a consultant.Advice people how to start and grow and business mistakes to avoid. What kills business like diverting business money to personal use or to invest in new ventures denying the current business cash flow.

By this stage your children are in upper school and college. You need to have enough money for their upkeep and to do life skills training not just academic education.

We advise what is the best ways to navigate this stage.

Succession/Estate planning (50 – 55 or at most 60 Years)

This is a critical stage in life . If you have done well with the other years and made solid wealth,your worry is what happens when you exit the stage. You’re growing old and you need to slow down or you shorten your life.

It’s scientifically proven that working in later years shortchange your life longevity. Plan to hand over your businesses to your successors. If you have a son or daughter who has interest in what you do prepare him or her to take over from you. If they have no interest, no problem. Get a financial planner and a smart lawyer to help you do estate planning. It could be in a trust or a holding company that is run by a board. This is very critical.

You also need to prepare your retirement vehicle.What will you be doing in retirement . A foundation is very important to give you a structure. By this time you work for your legacy. You’ve completed your life burdens. Have your money working for you. Your children are comfortable. It’s now your time to enjoy life and life on your own terms.

You get engaged in programmes to make a difference on earth. What do you want to be remembered for? What legacy will live beyond you?

Success is what you achieve for yourself.

Purpose is why you achieve it.

Significance is how you use your success for others.

This is the time to do what you love. To do the things on your bucket list you had not got time to do. If you like touring the world , it’s time to do it. If you love helping people or teaching/sharing your experiences this is the time to do it.

If you take good care of your health and financial wellness, this can be the longest stage of your life and age gracefully.

Sir Charles Njonjo. Just turned 98 years in 2018 and going strong.

Retired President. Mzee Moi at 93 years and enjoying his life in retirement.

Former Vice President, Uncle Moody Awori. At age 89, he does 30 press ups, swims and walks daily. He is more fit than the young people.

Manu Chandaria at 88 Years and doing a lot of charity work all over. Most universities have projects sponsored by Chandaria Foundation.

Warren Buffett at 88 Years. Has given more than $46 billion to charity since 2000. He donated 30 billion to Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation for charity

Bill Gates at 62 years. He has given $18 billion in charity since 2000. He runs Bill & Melinda Gates foundation with his wife Melinda. Building a solid legacy

This is what we want for all people. We help our clients to setup ideal financial plans to achieve this. We will discuss what one needs to do at each stage in life to achieve legacy at 50 years. We will be candid to advice those who did not do the right thing at the right stage because they did not know what they can do to improve themselves.

We identify the mistake people make that make them become dependents in old age. The Bible says It’s not the money you make but how much you save and for how long it will work for you. Leave inheritance to your children and your children’s children to the  4th generation.

We got to do this not depending on them in our old age.

With profound regards,
Maina Azimio
Founder and CEO
Azima Wellness Consultants LTD
Conference Speaker & Corporate Trainer in Total Wellness.

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