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AzimaWellness Talks 03/2018

Azima Wellness Club

I salute you all. Congratulations to all those who participated in our 3 days juice fast to cleanse “the temple”.  This is one of the most important test in self control. The ability to say No to food for 72 hours. It is important to give our gut a break from digesting food all the time. This process is quite involving. The stomach produce acids to break down the food which cause the body to secrete mucus that prevent the acid from corroding the walls of the stomach and intestines. This is why we recommend you start your day with warm water with lemon/ginger/Tumeric / Aloe Vera to alkalize the digestive system and clean the gut to prepare for breakfast. We also need a regular colon cleanse to remove the layer formed by this mucus. It blocks absorption of nutrients.

This week I have exciting news for you. We take a departure from our usual newsletter to introduce to you Azima Wellness club. We promised you we have a lot in store for you this year. One of the ways Azima wellness is determined to show our appreciation for the support you have given us from day one is to help you save money from your every day expenses and guide you how to invest this money to continuously earn passive income for you. This is how we are doing it.

We had mentioned  earlier about forming a wellness club for members with certain benefits. We are indebted to those of you who have been our loyal members from the day we came live. We have been working round the clock to negotiate for exciting benefits packages for our members. Am happy to report to you that we have some irresistible offers already with more on the pipeline.

This is the year of great things for Azima family. Come with me we unpack what is already on the table.

Do not let your friends, relatives, colleagues and even haters be left out of these exciting packages that we are rolling out. Here is the ready package. Ask them to register with Azima Wellness Club by sending them the joining link.

Azima Wellness has negotiated for some good offers . With our numbers approaching one thousand  before we are one year old, am happy to report that all the institutions we approached to negotiate for members discount are warming up to the idea big time. We’re in the era of relationship building and direct marketing. We can draw a lot of benefits for ourselves if we approach the market as a team.


  1. I’ve approached a number of hospitals to negotiate for discounted rates for comprehensive medical checkups. I’ve been offered discounts raging between 25 – 40%. Our tests will include checking on all the important parameters with regards to age and gender. Am so excited with the responses I have received from all the medical facilities I have approached this far.

Example: Comprehensive health screening will cost you about 50,000 or more  during normal visit in class A hospitals but they give it at subsidized rates at certain times. It is this discount we are negotiating for our members any time you go to these institution for tests and treatment. They will issues us with a membership card that will be swiped at the paying point to pass our discount. This one I have an offer of 30% discount and can be enhanced if we get higher numbers.

2.I have also talked to a number of insurance companies who offer health cover and they are agreeable they can give our members attractive discount for no claim. I pitched that our members are physically active and eat healthy food with regular detox and cleansing. They therefore rarely get sick and will cost the company very litter if anything for their medical cover. Maybe those with small children at the early age and parents at advanced age. We are working a program to improve the quality of life for our senior citizens.

These are offers available for us and more on the pipeline.

3. I have talked to 3 gyms and they are happy with my proposal. All they are waiting for is the number who can work out in their gym and able to pay for monthly or annual membership and they will advise on appropriate discount. Depending on where one stays or work and accessibility, we will negotiate  discounted rates for Azima members.

4. We have two Nutritionists  on board and they are good at their work. We also have consultant physicians who have given us full support. I will be talking with more in different specialties. Our aim is to cover all the major sectors that we seek medical attention regularly.

5. Training programs like the ones we offer in Azima wellness. We have agreed with our coaches to offer our members discounted rates. I have talked with the top players in personal development space like Waceke Nduati of Centonomy, Dr Kinyanjui Nganga of Sense 101, Dr Wale of Powertalks Corporate trainers , James Gitau of Peak Performance International and they are all agreeable to pass attractive discounts for Azima members. The higher our numbers the better the discount

6. I have talked with farmers who produce organic foods and supplements like Moringa Green and all they want to know is how many users we are. It is critical that we avoid juicing vegetables and fruits from the open market. Most of them are grown with chemicals. Am still meeting with many more in this area. Am seeking to meet with Dr Njoroge of Kikuyu Springs who make wheatgrass juice. His is a super product that we should all pertake.

Those who have high appetite for meat and their blood group is okey with meat we advise you take organic meat not those laced with antibiotics and hormones. The same for eggs but let milk be food for babies of the same species with the mother please!

7. Azima will give members discount for our monthly talks at 680 and for other training programs we are rolling out. Already we discount 30% for our premium training programmes like Azima Wellness Quadrant. Look up for more exciting offers.

8. We need to buy workout gears for gym and hiking. The good quality do not come cheap. We have negotiated for discount from two players and our fitness coach Andrew is working on a good source and he will pass a special discount for Azima wellness club members. We need health monitoring devices like smart watches. Because there are many fakes, we will vet what is available and recommend he good ones and where to buy them.

9. We will be traveling to attend meetings and symposiums on wellness in different parts of the globe. Where they are strict with Visa processing  like USA and Canada, it is much easier to get entry Visa if we are going as one team. A good example is Rotary club. It is much easier to get a visa to any country when you apply as a Rotarian to a rotary event than when on a personal business trip or a tourist visa. The US embassy in Kenya was quite generous with Visas for 2017 Rotary Convention.

When we apply as hikers I have never seen anyone denied entry  visa. Sometimes they  exempt  organized groups from appearing to the embassy in person to reduce the long que.

10. I have talked to 5 hotels so far on giving us discounted rates for their conference facilities to hold an event and they are all agreeable(very helpful for the trainers among us or when you’ve a social event and meetings).

Two hotels also mentioned they offer discounted rates on accommodation for frequent customers or if you go as a group/team. You can even book for your friends but using your membership number which will be programmed to attract negotiated discount automatically. Airlines also give group discount
Quite exciting stuff. I have learnt a lot during this journey of building relationships with our partners!

11. We will have our own books and make books, magazines and periodicals + powerful DVDs available at a discounted rate. With the current information overload, we will assess and recommend + make available helpful books, recommend good coaches to follow and share links to helpful videos in our four pillars of wellness . We will also share latest research findings on all the pillars of wellness as part of mental wellness. We are starting a book club to encourage mental development with coach Harji.

12. For those who drive you can agree with me fuel consume a lot of our money in one year (I hope you do  expenses tracking). I have approached the management of Shell and Total to give us a discount rate like they are giving to Bwala Africa on fuel, service and repairs. Our request is being considered. If we register many members the discount will be better. I will keep you informed.

13. We are working to establish an online shop where members can log in and buy all items that enhance wellness. One of our member in the US Charity Nyingi is working on this. We will keep you updated.

14. Here are various tests that are helpful for self-discovery. Some of us wasted the most productive part of our life chasing vanity because we did not get guidance in personal identity to embark on personal development. I personally had built a bar in my compound with  a sitting  capacity of twenty five members. I now call it the” house of sin”

We recommend you and especially our children to take the following tests;
i) Personality Type Profile
ii) Psychometric test
iii) DISK profile test
iv) EQ assessment Test

We are negotiating with the local experts who offer these services for discounted packages and request them to come during our monthly talks to explain more to us what they entail and why it’s important to do them.

Any other helpful service to enhance holistic wellness we are ready and willing to include in our offerings. Your suggestions are welcome always.

Let us do this together. No one person knows everything. Let us know what else is helpful and who offer it we will negotiate. Am gifted in closing deals.

We ensure to vet them not to fall to quacks. We are very particular on quality of services and the competencies of those offering them. Those who set out just for the money is a big No for Azima family.

In the meantime, to facilitate this process, we require that we have a list of our members. We register to participate by sending a one off fee of Ksh. 1,000 to our Till no. 608712 then send the confirmation to our admin on 0704 561 095 .

Register online by filling our online registration forms. We ask you to use the names as they appear on your identification documents (passport or ID) because they will be used for verification when accessing your discounts. You can also request for a hardcopy registration form if you’re not familiar with the online registration.

Kindly let us do this to actualize this dream and the ball rolling.

For test like personality profile or psychometric tests, they are available online. We recommend you do the online ones first and if you want further assistance you seek help.
It is  good to meet a consultant after you’ve done the online test. Most people do them but are unable to interpret what their scores tell them. This is where you need the right consult. We will guide you.

For the wellness enthusiasts who like travelling we have a good deal for you. If you want to go to the US, you can join other wellness champions in the popular San Diego California in June/July ?

This is one of the many benefits of being a member of Azima Wellness club.
Kindly enroll by sending a one off payment of ksh 1,000 to our Till No 608712 and fill the online application forms for correct registration details. For our members who are outside Kenya, ĺook for mpesa  agents in your area  and pay your registration fee to become a member. You can also pay for your relatives to access these attractive offers and join the growing Azima family.

Then fill in this registration form online. Kindly ensure it’s accurate because the details you give will be used to confirm your identify when accessing the benefits.

With profound regards,
Maina Azimio
Founder and CEO
Azima Wellness Consultants LTD
Conference Speaker & Corporate Trainer in Total Wellness.

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