Happy New Year

AzimaWellness Talks 01/2018

Happy New Year!

We are blessed to have survived the difficult year that 2017 turned out to be. It was quite difficult in many ways. The rains failed making the country go through a very trying time with food shortage. The pastoralists were the hardest hit with many animals dying for lack of pasture. People had to be assisted by government subsidizing unga prices. This was too low for our country. As this was not enough, road accidents seemed like they were competing which one will do most damage. So many people died especially in December that those in charge of public transport had to result to desperate measures like the current ban on night travel inconveniencing school going children the most. I cannot imagine how long distance students who reside in Mombasa but go to schools in Nyamira or Busia will take to get to school. No shower, no rest, no sleep. These are desperate times indeed.

Then there was the elephant in the room. The longest election process ever. This made people become apprehensive. Too bad that it did not result to a happy ending. We need to inject some hygiene in our election management going forward.

Having survived all these and being back to push this New Year is a blessing. We do not take it for granted. During these trying times, most of us lowered our guard and indulged in unhealthy behaviours especially in food and finances. We are now suffering in this two areas more than anything else. I propose that we start the year with a detox process to cleanse our body cells and prepare for the huge task ahead.

The country’s economy is in shambles. We have many companies issuing profit warning Britam being the latest to join this club. This is bad news for our economy and especially our tax managers because it means less collection at a time the big loans are maturing and need to be paid. Negotiations for desperate measures like pushing the repayment period to April like Rotich did for Eurobond’s 77Billion due for payment and borrowing to pay this loan is not a good way to go.

Kenyan entrepreneurs need to step out and help the Government turn around the economy. We need to create a bigger tax base to increase tax collection. We have a debt of 4.5 Trillion which is a heavy burden indeed. We have new expensive programs like rolling  out of free secondary education and a new curriculum which are quite expensive undertaking.

The Government has come to its wits end. They admitted that they subsidized power connections to the level of 3.4 billion. We also paid the Turkana wind mill owners 5.6 billion for power we did not use because we did not build evacuation line to connect this energy to the national grid. Currently we have a power oversupply by over 500 Mega Watts. This is too expensive for our consumers. In desperate measures, the Government has subsidized power for industries that operate at night from 10 P.M to 6 A.M. all these affect the bottom line of Kenya Power.

We heard yesterday that the Government made an arrangement that we do not get charged for fuel charges last year which we will pay backward. This was a campaign gimmick. We need to inject seriousness and allow market forces to determine prices. Sustainability is the key word. For the first time, Kenya Power defaulted paying KenGen for the energy supplied in 2017. These are not good signs. In a country where we do not have alternative power suppliers, it is scary to imagine the collapse of the only power provider.

These and more are ominous signs that face us as we begin this new year. This is why I call on us to detox the body to be strong enough for the tough times ahead.As part of our physical health wellness, I recommend that we all go on a 5 day juice fast to detoxify the body.

We live in a highly polluted environment in Nairobi. When other cities are burning the use of diesel vehicles on their roads, Nairobi is full of carbon monoxide spewing matatus which pollute the air to very dangerous levels. We have not installed capacity to measure exhaust fumes from vehicles. No one cares what our vehicles are spewing to our environment. It is too bad that 80% of the vehicles in roads are reconditioned from Japan and Dubai. We spend 4 hours in the jam inhaling monoxide from exhaust fumes. This is slowly killing most Kenyans who use our congested roads every morning.  In a paper written by Jenny Luesby during the UNEP General Assembly meeting in Nairobi last month, We learnt how serious our environmental pollution has come to.


This coupled with our poor diet that is high in empty calories but low in relevant nutrients is a recipe for disaster. I fear that we will soon get a lot of pollution related sickness in coming days. Carbon monoxide binds with hemoglobin and does not dissociate. This reduces the capacity of our blood to absorb oxygen and transport it to the vital organs. This is the beginning of failing  health. We do not exercise enough to expel the CO2 lodged in our lungs and inhale more oxygen. We breathe deep when exercising.

Due to this pollution we are exposed to all the time in Nairobi, we have in our program one day on every 3rd Saturday of the month to escape to the mountains for a hike where we get fresh air and push out of our lungs the carbon dioxide.We encourage any of our reader in and around Nairobi and physically able to join us for the hikes this year.

The air pollution condition  in this city is terrible. It has been documented very well but due to lack of knowledge in matters pollution we just go by like all is normal. Allow me to sound a warning. It is not! More than 19000 people die in a year due to pollution related ailments. This article paint this grim picture well.


Much of the vegetables , fruits and beverages we consume are grow with inorganic  chemicals. Animal rearing is even worse. We have very little organically produced food. To mitigate the effects of all these, we need to detoxify the body quite often. The beginning of the year is good time to start with a detox. I recommend we stay off solid food for 5 days to allow the body cleanse and cells to release toxins. Let us also purpose to make physical movements and exercises a daily routine and watch what we send to our gut for better health.

I wish you a year of unlimited prosperity and wellness.

With profound regards,
Maina Azimio
Founder and CEO
Azima Wellness Consultants LTD
Conference Speaker & Corporate Trainer in Total Wellness.

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