Transitioning From Employment To Entrepreneurship

AzimaWellness Talks 29/2017

Transitioning From employment To Entrepreneurship

 I salute you all. I take this opportunity to thank you for keeping me company for 28 weeks  sharing wellness message. Thank you for your feedback and questions. Without your participation,  this platform could have folded up. It is still growing strong because of your support.

I have aggregated the questions asked and arrived to the conclusion the majority fall into two categories. Employees who are dissatisfied with their current job and entrepreneurs who are not making what they know is possible. We also have a third group of undecided. They are in between.

This will be our last article for 2017. We will take a break next week to allow us time to evaluate our progress this year (or lack of ).  Allow me to set the pace for next year by sharing some tips that you can include in your new year financial and career plans for 2018.

We are almost done with the longest electioneering period in our country. This is if NASA do not make good their threat to swear their own president and complicate the matters more. There is also the talk about succession. These grumbles  are not good for business planning.

However, we start where we are with what we have and hope for the best. We assume things will settle and normalcy regained early in the new year. We need to put in place measures to recover from a wobbling economy. All economic indicators have been pointing to things going south. This is not good for business. Optimism is the fuel that fires business. We need to do all we can to reverse the negativity holding us back. It is now time to create wealth and generate jobs for our youth

For those who want to transition from employment to business/self-employment, there are crucial skills set that will be helpful to navigate in a new terrain. We earn money in 4 different ways. The first and most common is as an employee where we work for money. Here we work for somebody else. We work on instructions and serve their vision.

Those who feel dissatisfied serving another person’s vision move to self employment. Here you work for yourself implementing your own vision and mission.  This is better than being an employee but has many challenges.  You have to put in a lot of work and time for things to move. You become a slave of the business. Your income is equal to the active work you put in.

The place to be is B and ” I” quadrant. This is where Azima wellness seek to help you operate from. We help you setup a business system to earn for you. You engage people clever than you and with relevant skills to work for you. The good examples here is SK Macharia of Royal Media and Kiprono Kittony of Radio Africa group. They set up Media empires and employed top names as  (Kanja Waruru and Partick Quakoo respectively ) managers with skills to run the business who recruited the top personalities in media. The owners do not know how to work a turntable but they control electronic media in Kenya. The same is true for Peter Munga of equity Bank. He brought in James Mwangi to run the business because he has skills in banking. Or you can choose to work in your business with others like Vimal Shah of Bidco Oil and Tabitha Karanja of Keroche. Choose your area and look for us to help you setup. There is a lot is money looking for serious ventures


But the best place to be is I quadrant where you do not work in your business but your money work for you.

1.Top most is discipline and high sense of commitment.

When starting out, you do not have the advantage of  many workers to assist you. You are everything. The office or enterprise runs on your will power. This can be too much to bear if you have been used to a large organization in employment . Please do not go to entrepreneurship with this mindset. If you have not been working in a busy office like a bank where time conscious is non  negotiable, you need to equip yourself for a total new regime.

2.Financial discipline.

The new terrain is a challenging one unlike in employment. Money does not come in a defined date and cycle. You will experience dry spells but bills got to be paid on time. There are times you will be very broke and feel like giving up and back to a job. But my advice is keep the faith. Its normal in business. It’s a good learning curve to teach you new skills set.

Resist temptation to spend on unbudgeted items. Always have a budget and a spending plan. Priotization is key in this area. Do not spend money for recurrent expenses like rent and salary/bills to buy stocks then you have no money to pay your landlord. You will be thrown out of the office. Pay the must pay bills in advance or on time. If you foresee a dry spell, pay your rent in advance. This prepares your way to ask the landlord to allow you some time to pay your rent late. Do the same with school fees and other bills that might embarrass you if not paid on time.

Separate your personal money from business money. You are an employee of the company. Pay yourself a salary and live by what you earn/pay yourself. Resist the temptation to raid the business account for personal expenses.

 3.Keep the right company.

Appreciate you have moved from the circles you were operating in when an employee. In most cases, people you used to relate with were your workmates or people in the same mindset and conditioning like yours. Avoid them because they do not feed into your new circumstances. Be very choosy what value each person you allow in your circles is bringing on your table. Spend more time with people who are in the same industry like you to learn more. You will definitely have more to pick from them that is beneficial. The old networks are only good for memes which will not grow you.

4.Keep fit.

You have no choice on this one! Entrepreneurship is demanding. You need to be physically and mentally fit to withstand the rigors of business. You will wake up early and sleep late. You will work long hours without a break. Most times you even forget to have your meals even when you carry packed lunch.

Start your day with exercises and sweat it out. Make this a routine like you go to the bathroom every morning before you dress for work. Be choosy what you eat and drink. A lot of foods that are presented as good food are toxic. They are full of preservatives and food colours. Detoxify your body regularly to renew and rejuvenate your cells. Do not allow stresses in life to dampen your moods. It affects your productivity

5.Read your mind.

The food of the mind is reading.If you do not have a habit of reading, it’s advisable to start. Be a focused reader. Know what information will be helpful in your new terrain and seek out more of that information. Google for topics that feed into your industry. Take a newspaper or magazine but do not read everything. Train yourself to pick on relevant information and ignore the rest. A newspaper is not a novel to read every story on all pages.

Avoid watching too much TV. Programs on TV are meant for different segments of people. Choose what fits you and leave the rest for others to watch.We waste a lot of time watching useless programs that are designed for mental conditioning.

6.Time keeping.

Always be ahead of time for appointments. Some customers are too sensitive on time keeping. Do not use the excuse of jam and such other crap. Leave earlier. Get to the venue before time and relax. It is not helpful to your character and business if you do not keep time. If your prospects do not trust you to keep time, how will they trust you will deliver ?


People do business with people they know and trust.Learn networking skills. There are many programs you can join to improve your skills in networking. Do not do it the jua kali way. Be intentional. Choose your prospects and follow up on those you connect with. Do not let a good opportunity to meet helpful contacts escape you. Dress for the occasion depending who you are meeting and where.

8. Execution

Finally ensure you keep your word always. Do not promise what you are not sure you can deliver. In case you face challenges between signing the order/contract,inform your client.We are all human and Murphy’s’ laws do apply. Honest communication will save the day.

Following these 8 steps and you will be off to a good start.

Have a merry Christmas and take care!See you on the other side of 2018

With profound regards,

Maina Azimio

Founder and CEO

Azima Wellness Consultants LTD

Conference Speaker & Corporate Trainer in Total Wellness.

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