Financial Intelligence

Azima Wellness Talk 21/2017

Financial Intelligence

I salute you all for keeping this blog going since March when we published our first newsletter. Since then, we have been focusing on know your body. This is the foundation of wellness. We cannot celebrate any other pillar of wellness if we have not secured our physical health.  We have done twenty newsletters on this subject this far. There is still much more to cover on our complex body but we will come back to this later.

There has been a recurring concern raised by many of our readers that goes like this….. “Yes I hear you and agree I need to change my ways but how can I afford it?” This has been the greatest concern. I want to confirm I have heard you. From this week, we will shift our focus to financial wellness. How to generate money and multiply it to create a critical mass that will work for you instead of you working for money .

Money is a key plank of wellness. There is no wellness without money. Research shows that 82% of diseases can be traced to stress. Similarly,  90% of stress triggers has a financial connection. Lack of money is the source of most illnesses. You cannot have optimal health if you have money problems.

In the life we live today, money rules the world. If you have money, you can have everything you need. If you do not have it, you have nothing and you are nothing. Money is an important building block to financial freedom. It gives you the ability to free yourself from the chains of poverty. Money frees you from depravity of any shade.

Money frees you from doing work that you hate and having to cope with a bad boss. This is the source of most stresses in today’s life. Research shows that 80% of workers in the USA hate the jobs they do. No wonder medicare is big business in America. This is also true in Kenya and most of Africa

Money frees you from limited thinking. It enables you to afford the good things in life. It enables you to afford comfort of any type. It is money that determines where you live, sleep, wear and everything else in life. Money allows you to contribute to projects you feel strongly about. It is having money that enables you to become charitable.

Money also gives you power and courage. People of good intentions without money can never rise to a position of leadership

This is why in Azima Wellness Consultants we believe Africans require financial intelligence more than anything else. It is why we made financial wellness a key pillar in our focus.

There are several ways  to make money. These may include but not limited to; exchanging your skills or services as an employee or consultant, inheritance, marrying into money (especially for women though it is also applicable to some men but very few), striking a jackpot or tapping into your inborn talents like music, sports, entertainment or comedy. You can also get damn lucky. What if gold or oil is discovered in your shamba?

The last options requires quite some work to perfect your art but once you are good at it, you smile all the way to the bank.

But the surest way to make big money is in business and entrepreneurship. As an entrepreneur, you study the market place and notice gaps that you can step in to plug. It could be by way of innovation or setting up systems and structures to facilitate delivery of the services required.

Examples abound. Locally, a good example is Equity Bank. The owner noticed there was a huge unbanked population who they figured out required a bank that met them at their level. The big boys in the banking industry had left them out. Peter Munga  started a bank that created equity for all customers. Equity bank changed our banking landscape completely.

M-pesa is another good example. The innovators figured out that the good cellphone could be used to do more than just calling and sending SMS. They came up with an program that could send messages that have a monetary value. This has completely changed the way we do business in Kenya and expanded to other parts of the world .

On the International realm, Uber saw the frustration we were going through to hail a taxi. They came up with a phone based app that revolutionalised how we travel. The same with Airbnb. These two are now the biggest taxi hailing and accommodation companies in the world without a single car or hotel.

From this week, we will be discussing how to wire ourselves for the top dollars. We were programmed from an early age to work for money. We want to change this setup and make money our slave to work for us as we do what we love doing.  We will explore the skills set and knowledge  required to operate in this quadrant.

This is the safest route to lasting wealth.

Join me next week as we dive into practical step by step details how to turn cash flow from our primary earnings into legacy wealth.
Thank you once again for your feedback

With profound regards,
Maina Azimio,
Founder and CEO,
Azima Wellness Consultants LTD,
Conference Speaker & Corporate Trainer in Total Wellness.

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