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Allow me to start by appreciating you for the feedback on the articles I have been sharing on diet in the past weeks. Your feedback is important. It enables me know the areas you are struggling with and research for more information to address your challenges. Keep them coming.

Am particularly  happy with the positive feedback on the last article on acidity and alkalinity. I encourage each one of us to take this seriously and share with others. Our lives depend on the acid/ alkaline balance. This is affected to a large extent by the food we eat.


The next big challenge that affects our life is weight. It is worrying that this problem is on the increase among Kenyan middle class despite this group having access to information from multiple sources. Statistics show that women and children below 12 years are the most affected.

According to research findings by Kenya Stepwise Survey for non-communicable diseases risk factor 2015 report, 27% of all Kenyans are obese. This is a whopping 13 million people. This report shows that 40% of the female gender are overweight compared to 17% men. 40% of women is approximately 10 million souls. The report shows that ladies start losing the weight battle from age 15 and graduate with the problem to adulthood. Could this be associated with family planning drugs?

This research finding shows that the problem is more prevalent  in urban centers like Nairobi, Mombasa , Kisumu and Eldoret. This is strange because this is where people are better educated and have higher access to information. You would expect they will manage their weight better but they are the most affected. On a county score, Nairobi comes tops followed by Kiambu  County. This shows there is a close correlation between higher income and obesity. This is a clear problem of adopted lifestyle. The middle class has access to a car, eat more fatty diet and watch more TV.

Most worrying is this problem is now extending to children. Instead of playing outside they are on video games and TV.  Children who are obese face more health risks including early onset of chronic disorders such as diabetes. Childhood and adolescent obesity have adverse psychological consequences and lowers educational attainment according to WHO. It is no wonder our education performance is going down.


According to research done by Prof Vincent Onywera of Kenyatta University on youth activity and obesity score card, the problem affects mostly the well to do households. It was noted that the most affected are single mother households and especially the better educated women. We need to ask ourselves whether we are using our hard earned money to the benefit of our children or to harm them.

An interesting  angle in this research  found that some communities worship endowed bodies especially for women and girls. How many can relate with this??


To reverse this trend, we need to create awareness on the dangers of excess  weight to our health. Our women need to be told that having big hips is not good for their health even if they are adored by their men that way. Change and the men will get used and admire you in a trim body.

It is recommended that we target to do a minimum of 10,000 steps per day. There are smart watches that monitor activity real-time and let you know how active you have been. Wake up early every morning to do workouts. Buy a skipping rope or jog in your neighborhood. If you can afford, find a gym and ensure to work out 4 – 5 days in a week.

Seek the help of a nutritionist to prepare a diet plan for you. This should not be done by a doctor. Medical  doctors are trained to deal with sick care not preventive care.

Watch the portion of food you take in a day and ensure you do not consume more than you are burning. Weight is a product of consuming more than the body is burning.

Do not eat for satiety but to nourish the body with required nutrients. Change the food timings. Ensure you take your last meal 4-5 hours before bedtime. The food we eat just before we sleep is not used up. It is converted into fat and stored. We do  not need energy to sleep.

Take a heavy breakfast, a moderate lunch and very small supper (or avoid it altogether).  Purpose to have more fruits and raw vegetables. Consume a lot of vegetable juices and ensure to take them fresh. Juices that take long after preparing loose their nutrients to oxidation.

This is the only way to a better health. The problems associated with excess weight  are too much for the body to bear. We share the weight chart for both men and women in different age and height for quick reference  to know where you are. I request to you to commit to take action.

Do you know your height?

In Azima Wellness  Consultants, we help people to manage weight. We recommend a daily workout regime and take our members for a hike once a month . You can join our wellness club on telegram by clicking the link below

We also do individualized, family and corporate weight management training and meal plans to help fight obesity for optimum health. Do not hesitate to get in touch with us for assistance.

Your health is our concern.

With profound regards
Maina Azimio,
Founder and CEO,
Azima Wellness Consultants LTD,
Conference Speaker & Corporate Trainer in Total Wellness.

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