How do I choose the ideal food for breakfast?

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How do I choose the ideal food for breakfast?

We thank you for demonstrating interest to learn more on health matters. Knowledge that is not shared is useless. Our body is the most complicated system that does not have a manual.

I have intensely studied human behaviour pattern and it never stops to amaze me that we go deep in learning many disciplines but remain shallow when it comes to the most crucial factors in this life;  what we eat and money.

Most of problems have something to do with either our poor money habits or the way we feed. Life would be way much better if we managed these two better.

When it comes to food, we are emotional eaters. We have allowed emotions to determine what we eat and drink. Very few people care to know what nutrients our body requires, in what quantity and they are found in what foods.

Food like medicine has contra indications that are crucial to know. Most foods are either acidic or alkaline. We should master food based on the alkaline or acid content before any other consideration. High acidity creates an ideal condition for diseases to thrive.  Science proves that no disease can exist in an alkaline situation. We were created to be alkaline.

We start each day with breakfast. We are repeatedly advised that breakfast should be the biggest meal of the day. However , it’s normal for most people to take snacks like bread and tea for breakfast. This is where our health problems begin.

For breakfast to be the biggest meal, you need to take a full meal not snacks. Ensure you break fast with   adequate proteins, carbohydrates and vitamins.

To help formulate a well balanced meal plan, we recommend that you study the pH food chart. This has a detailed breakdown of most major food groups in their alkaline  and acidity content. It helps to match the foods to ensure you alkalize  your body with food.

In the pH food chart, we learn that foods with high alkalinity are raw vegetables and fruits. To ensure you have balanced your acid/alkaline, start with warm water with lemon or lime when you wake up.

After 15 minutes, take Wheat grass or Barley grass juice before you proceed for your morning workouts or meditation as per your morning routine. For proper breakfast, ensure you have adequate vegetables on your plate. Proteins are best taken in the morning to allow the body  burn them through the day as you workout.

Always have an avocado which is highly alkaline and sprinkle Cayenne pepper on your food.

For beverages, you can choose to take green tea, lemon grass or lemon tea.

Find below the full chart for what you should always consider when designing a meal plan.
From the items on the first group you can consume without caution so long as you do not exceed your  caloric intake for the day. This will lead to weight gain.

Those on the  2nd group, take with caution. It is advisable not to take them without accompaniment work those on the first group. These should make no more than a 1/3 rd of your plate.

Those in the 3rd group, take sparingly. They have very high acid level. If you have to, take only one type at a time and go for a very tiny portion.

For the items you have to cook, it is advisable to boil or bake. If you fry, use cold pressed oil. Avoid hydrogenated oil completely in your foods.

For the items on the 4th group, make efforts to avoid completely. If you have to, take like its medicine. Use a lot of water to neutralize the acidity. Take with lots of raw vegetables and fruits like avocado, red cabbage, cucumber, raw celery, raw onion, raw tomato, red beets, raw eggplant and add cayenne pepper and lemon to reduce acidity. You may consume once in a long while and preferably when you have confirmed your pH is good.

Recommended food based on pH.

Alkaline foods that are easily available  locally

pH 10.0




Ionized Water

Lemon and Lime

Pumpkin seeds

Primrose oil

Raw spinach

Wheat grass

Sesame seeds

Most olive oils

Raw Broccoli

Barley grass

Fennel seeds

Coconut oil

Red cabbage

Green tea

Sunflower seeds

Flax seed oil

Raw celery

Vegetables juice


Borage oil



Cooked peas



Tomato juice

Cooked eggplant


Raw Kale


Cooked broccoli

Raw Lettuce

Raw onion


Cooked spinach

Raw zucchini

Wild Rice

Apple Cider Vinegar

Cooked cabbage

Lima beans


Aloe Vera

Raw Almonds

French beans

Coconut water

These items have high alkalinity .

Choose them more for your meal.  When you pick on any acidic item, ensure to neutralize by matching them at the ratio of 20:1 .

Items with pH 6.0= 10 Times Acidic. (Should not take without alkaline foods)




Fresh water fish



Soy milk


Brazil nuts



Soy Floor

Hazel nuts


Fruit juice

Wheat kernels




Whole grain ugali/bread

Blue berries


Rye bread

Rasp berries

Brown rice

Cashews nuts



Organ meat



Milk & cream


Sweet potatoes

Mineral water


Cooked tomatoes


Cooked beans


These are the 10 times acidic.

Ensure to neutralize acidity with 20 times from the alkaline group.

pH 4.0 Take sparingly or avoid


White rice


Cream and cheese


White bread

Ocean fish



White biscuits

Chicken and eggs

Most pastries



Hard cheeses

Pop corn

Butter milk


Beet sugar

Tomato sauce


White sugar

Soy milk

Organ meats

Beer and wines


Milk and cream

Carbonated water


pH 3.0 Poisons: Highly advised to avoid



Black tea

Sweetened fruits and juices


Soy Sauce

Stress, worry, lack of sleep


Hard Liquors

Tobacco products (chewed or smoked)


Canned foods

Artificial sweeteners


Processed foods



Microwaved foods

SODAS & Carbonated beverages

This breakdown is a good guide to prepare a meal plan. Remember it is crucial to have a balanced diet based on your daily energy needs. Have more proteins in the morning and carbohydrates to give the body energy through the day.  Eating intelligently is an art . Enjoy your food responsibly.

With profound regards,
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