Daily Routine

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Daily Routine

In our earlier articles, we have discussed at length  the way our body operates. The latest scientific updates confirm that we are facing health complications because we do not follow a proper routine from the moment we wake up. This continues during the day causing the body to accumulate stress.

Today we attempt to come up with a routine manual to guide the glow of activities.

We are made to be active for 16 hours and then switch off for 6 – 8 hours every 24 hours. Sleep is very important because certain body functions do not happen when we are awake. If you deny your body adequate sleep, you cause stress buildup in the body. This is now known to be a contributing factor to   a number of diseases. Similarly, sleeping more than necessary will also cause health complications .

We sleep between 6 – 8 hours per day if over 18 years. Children should sleep for more hours because they are growing. During sleep, our self rejuvenating body cleanse and repair itself. Blood is passed through the lymphatic system for restoration and white blood cells repaired.

When we are asleep, certain parts of the body are deprived of adequate blood which carries oxygen and nutrients to all cells in our body. It is advisable when you wake up at night to answer a call of nature or in the morning to follow the routine we discussed earlier to allow blood circulate to all parts of the body. Failure to follow this may lead to a stroke. This is why many heart attacks happen in the bathroom.

When we wake up in the morning, there are set routines to enable the body  distribute oxygen to all parts.

Start the day by sitting on the bed for one minute with your legs lowered to the floor before you stand up and walk. Engaged in stretching exercises to relax your muscles and regain balance. The human body was not made to sleep flat on a bed. This is only necessary for 8 hours in a day to allow for cleansing.

During sleep, the body perspire and release gases through the mouth, skin and anus.  This foul smell is trapped in your bedsheets.  Remove the top beddings to allow fresh air before you spread your bed nicely. Open the door and windows of your bedroom to allow in fresh air.

Similarly , open the windows of the room you use to stretch or step out of the house for fresh air.

Take deep breathes to expel the carbon dioxide  in your lungs and inhale fresh oxygen. This enables all the cells to get fresh oxygen. Ensure you engage in a set of exercises that make you breathe deep.

On waking up, it is important to visit the washroom to empty your urine bladder and the contents in the rectum. These are the only two activities our body requires our assistance to expel. Take note that if you delay to expel the waste, the body reabsorb the toxins that it had isolated for expulsion.

After you have let go the waste, reach out for your warm lemon water with turmeric, ginger, Aloe-vera and Apple Cider Vinegar to clean the gut. It’s important to clean the inside too. Follow this with an orange or tangerine after 15 minutes. These help to clean the gut mopping up toxins and cholesterol in the gut. It also reduce acidity level in the stomach.

You can then proceed to a workout session until you sweat.  God made our skin the biggest organ to help expel toxins. Sweating opens the pores that connect the gut to the skin to allow expulsion of waste from the bacteria in the gut.

Start your work out with warmup for 10 to 15 minutes and finish with cooling down. Always ensure to let your heartbeat normalize to around 72 – 75 before you go for shower. In the bathroom, never start by wetting your head. Start with your legs, followed by the middle body before you come to the head.

You can then proceed for breakfast to and prepare to start the day. Note that the best time to brush your teeth is after breakfast not when you wakeup. The mouth produce useful traces of useful vitamins when you asleep which you should absorb not wash away with toothbrush and paste on waking up.

If you commit to follow his routine,  you will reap good dividend. I know it’s not easy to adopt a new routine but with commitment it is possible. Remember to sleep on your left side when you get to bed and allow 4 – 5 hours from your last solid  meal. This will improve your health tremendously. Your health is your wealth. It’s worth every effort.

With profound regards,
Maina Azimio
Founder and CEO
Azima Wellness Consultants LTD
Conference Speaker & Corporate Trainer in Total Wellness

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