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AzimaWellness Talk 12/2017

This series on routine cannot be complete without tips on taking care of our physical structure.

The body and mind work in cycles of 110-140 minutes max. If you aspire to be highly productive, always time your activities to have a break after every 2 hours (120 minutes)
Any exertion beyond this duration will wear out your effectiveness and lead you to start losing productivity and alertness.

There is enough prove that his is how most programs are timed.

If you attend a conference that starts at 8 A.M (official time) there is tea break after two hours at 10 A.M that goes on for at most 1 hour.

The second session starts at 11 – 1 P.M, another 2 hours. The afternoon session starts at 2 P.M and gives way to 4 O’clock tea-break.

If the program is not concluded, the activities may go on after the  4 O’clock tea-break. The  sun-downer session maybe from from 4:30 P.M – 6:30 P.M or there about.

This arrangement is done with proper consideration to how people can get maximum benefit from each session. This too is the routine followed in many training colleges and schools. Its also followed in good working environments.

There is also clear timing for meals cycle in hospitals, boarding schools and prisons. Supper is served at 6.00 P.M

This allows people enough time to digest the food before bedtime at 10 P.M
In Hotels, buffet supper starts at 6 P.M though most guests abuse this routine. Some even have dinner as late as 9 – 10:30 P.M.

This is a dangerous way to partake meals. When you go to sleep, food that has not left the stomach to the small intestine interferes with your sleep. The body start preparing to switch off from 9 P.M. By 10 P.M you should not overload your system with activities like digestion.

Another danger we put ourselves in is when we fail to carry our body frame upright and in alignment. How you sit on your office chair for hours or on your car as a driver especially those who drive long hours have a direct impact on your wellness.

Similarly, how you lift parcels from the ground or weight in a gym is very  crucial.  Most people make grave mistakes in this area that affects them big time. Any misalignment in the spinal cord has serious consequences . Our central nervous system is anchored on the backbone. We should therefore take extra care when dealing with anything that may affect this complex system. There are many nerve endings along the backbone and on the hip cage.

Take precaution how you carry things on your back. Always hang your backpack bag on both shoulders. for balance. Avoid hanging it on one shoulder especially if heavy or for long duration.  Make sure when standing you stand upright to distribute your weight evenly.

The big problem we face these days originate from mobile gadgets. We use our phones hunched down to the small screen flat on the tablet or on our hands. This causes a lot of tension to the spinal cord. This  surely lead to bend neck problems with far reaching consequences in the not too far future. We should therefore take extra precaution how we use our phones and laptops.

The personal computer was designed to keep our body upright when working on a computer. The screen is positioned right ahead in a comfortable position that respect our posture. This is not the case with mobile phones and tablets.

We are also spending too many hours on these portable gadgets unlike  computers and laptops. The advent of laptops, smartphones and tablets is causing a lot of damage to our body frame. Beware the damage these cause to wellness.

This also applies to our sleeping posture. Always ensure to observe the correct sleeping posture.

Sleep on your left side or on your back with pillows below your legs as shown above. When you wake up, follow the drill as demonstrated.

Our body is a complex structure that works in harmony if you follow the operation manual. Any abuse to the body may cause damage which we pay for dearly.

Most people from middle age to old age are paying dearly for mistakes we repeatedly make out of ignorance.

My people will not perish due to lack of this knowledge!  Not unless they refuse to follow the advice shared.

In Azima Wellness Consultants, your total wellness is our concern. We are committed to continue to sharing tips on what may affect your wellness.

In the next article, we will go into the internal factors that affect wellness. Keep it here for the next article.

With profound regards,
Maina Azimio
Founder and CEO
Azima Wellness Consultants Ltd
Conference speaker &  Corporate Trainer in Total Wellness

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