Our Body Loves Routine-Part 3

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In our 2nd article in this series of our body loves routine, we found that the body follows a set procedure and is good at saving what we do repeatedly as its default setting. It is therefore prudent to operate within the same timelines to enable the body pick on your timelines.

Go to bed the same time every day to enable the body save that as your sleep default setting. Make sure to choose this time wisely based on the circadian rhythm. Remember God has His own setting what functions comes in when especially at night when we sleep from 10 pm to wake-up time.

When you delay to sleep you cause stress to the body because it is set to begin the next process which kicks in when you switch off other activities. This is why you start dosing wherever you are late to go to sleep. You help the body a lot if you follow  the same timeline.

During sleep, the body goes through an elaborate process of renewal. Your blood is cleaned of toxins through the lymphatic system. The blood cells are renewed and the cells that were damaged during the day are replaced .

Your skin also go through a process of renewal and the gut find time to rest If you sleep 4 – 5 hrs after your last meal. Always ensure to go to bed without solid food in your stomach.Food takes 4-5 hours in your stomach (but red meat takes up to 72hrs. More reason to avoid it )

During digestion the body releases digestive enzymes to break down the food.These are chemicals /acid that have residues that are harmful to the body.The process of digestion generate a lot of waste.The gut is directly connected to your skin to enable expulsion of toxins that are generated during digestion.

This is why it’s important to ensure the pores on your skin are open for this flow. The best way to open them is by exercise until you sweat. The gut has a direct connection to your skin. This is why it is important to be careful what you apply on your skin. Do not apply petroleum jelly or any kind of chemicals that are harmful to your body. They will easily find their way to the gut with all consequences.

The maxim is ‘apply on your skin what you can eat!’

On waking up, your body has repaired itself adequately but you need to expel the toxins collected and stored in their place. The only ways the body collects toxins and waste where it need your help to dispose is through urine and what it deposit in the rectum.

On waking up ,always start your day by visiting your washroom to empty  your urine bladder and the rectum of all the waste deposited.That stuff also carries toxins that the body want to expel.

NB: Never delay to expel urine or solid waste from your body because the body has isolated them for disposal. If you do not pass them out on time, the body notice them and re-absorbs them back causing you a lot of stress.

Clean your gut to prepare for the days meal. The gut is like a factory that works day and night using chemicals that produce gases.These gases are released through the mouth when we talk and through the skin or when we blow wind. During sleep , the body accumulate a lot of the gases that escape through the mouth when we talk .This is why you notice a foul smell from your mouth in the morning.This is an indication of how things are inside the gut.When you blow wind ,that smell is an indication of the condition inside.

The skin which God made the biggest organ is responsible  of passing out these gases.If the poles are blocked, these harmful gases remain trapped inside your body and can cause a lot of stress. They have a lot to do with bad mood swings.

To cleanse the gut, start your day with warm lemon water with turmeric /ginger /ALOE VERA and a dash of ACV(Apple Cider Vinegar ).Then take a full orange (not juice). The good orange when it lands in the stomach expand and acts as binding material to collect the toxins in the gut for disposal. This is helpful to complete the detox process in the morning .The good orange is also a good sources for vitamin  C which is important  to the body.

After exercise and shower, you’re ready for breakfast. Remember all the meals should be taken at the same time for the body to save as its default setting.

The best way to define your meal cycle is to start from sleeping and waking time. Everything else flows from the time you wake up.

If you sleep at say 10 pm, ensure to do your last solid meal 4 hours earlier i.e. 6 pm to allow for digestion . However, you can take fruits at 8 pm or vegetable soup or juice 2 hours before bedtime.

Allow 5 hours between meals to give room for digestion. Avoid snacking between meals to allow the digestion process to get completed.Anytime you send food to the stomach that require digestion, the  body stop working on what had taken earlier landed.

The body treats the new arrival food as emergency and attend to this food first. It is therefore prudent to avoid snacking before the food you had consumed is cleared from the stomach and onto the small intestines. Do not take anything else apart from plain water which does not require digestion.

However avoid water until 1-2 hours after the meal. Water dilutes the digestive enzymes slowing the process of breaking down the food .You can take fruits or juices 2-3 hours after the food.

The following chart is a  24 hrs routine guide .

As proposed earlier 10 P.M is the latest time you should go to sleep.

Allow for 6 hours to sleep( It is scientifically proven that any hour you sleep before midnight gives you relaxation equal to 2 hours. Sleeping at 10 P.M and waking up at 4 A.M is equal to sleeping for hrs)

10 pm

4 am

On waking up  do 5 min  stretches to oxygenate the body.
warm water with lemon /turmeric/Acv/Aloe  Vera .
Do morning devotion for 15 minutes then workout for 30 min.
Allow 5-10 minutes for the body to cool down before you hit the shower.

5 am –breakfast

8am-fruits /vegetables juice /porridge (either of these not all)

1pm –lunch

6 pm –supper

10 pm –sleep

Take 2 glasses of water after every  two hours .Do not take water continuously .
Too much water affects the iron content in your body.

This is an ideal routine for early risers to follow.
However, you can adjust it to fit your ideal time but observe the flow (time line between the activities )

In our next article  will go into the ideal foodstuff to eat and why.
I hope this series have been helpful in understanding how the body operate.

With profound regards
Maina Azimio
Founder and CEO
Azima Wellness Consultants Ltd and
Corporate Trainer in Total Wellness

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