The Body Loves Routine- Part 2

Azima Wellness Talks 10/2017

Our Body Loves Routine

In the first part of this continuing  series on our body routine, we found our body operations follow the circadian clock. To improve your wellness, master and operate within this rhythm.

We are not made to sleep during the day and work at night . Any job that keeps you awake from 10 P.M – 4 A.M is messing up with your health. Our body is made to operate within a predetermined cycle though it can be reprogrammed if you adopt a different timing consistently over time..On waking up every morning, you should start with a workout to send a strong signal to your cells and other organs that you have come alive. This is why we call our first meal breakfast .This means we’re breaking a fast.

We essentially get into a fasting mode when we switch off to sleep and the body slows down most activities. It is advisable to follow a systematic procedure when you wake up to answer to a call of nature.
Do not jump out of bed in a hurry. Always wake up and seat on the bed for half a minute, then lower your legs to the floor and allow another half minute for blood to flow into your system before you stand up  to walk to the washroom.

Many people have been diagnosed to have got a stroke because they jumped out of bed to rush to the bathroom due to low blood supply to the brain during sleep. It is recommended to follow this script on waking up from deep sleep.

Allow 2 hours after a solid meal to go to the gym for workouts. Digestion process requires a lot of blood to supply oxygen and carry nutrients absorbed to the cells and other organs.This is why you feel sleepy soon after a heavy meal. It’s advisable not to engage in heavy activities after a meal and sit upright to allow for digestion.

After you have done your work out, allow your body to cool down to your normal body temperature and heart beats before you hit the shower.

In the shower, start pouring water on your feet, then the middle body before you come to the head. Most people make the mistake to start with the head which is very dangerous because when you are standing, blood flow goes to the legs and very little in the head. It is exposing yourself to danger if you splash water on the head first. Start with the legs upwards.

After the shower and dressing up, you can proceed to your breakfast table to enjoy your meal.

Always make sure your breakfast is your biggest meal and have more protein to give your body energy throughout the day. Always make half of your serving as vegetables (if uncooked the better )on your plate and carbohydrates + proteins the other half. Measure your meals depending on your level of activities.

Use a calories counter to ensure you do not take in more calories than your body requires because any extra is converted to fat and stored.This is how we effortlessly increase on body weight. Do not mix food with fruits at the same time. Always take fruits on an empty stomach and away from meals (two hours before works out best)

Exceptions to this rule are the good avocado and an apple.These two are good to go with your meals or separately. Where possible, start your meal with vegetable salad (raw) and wait for 1 hour before you take the other meal. If you do not have the luxury of time, take the raw salad first then followed by the other food. The raw food prepares the gut for the solid food.

Do not take water immediately after your meal. Allow for at the least 1 hour. When food lands in your stomach, the body release digestive enzymes to break it down. Water dilutes the digestive enzymes slowing  down digestion.

It gets even worse if you take tea or coffee with a meal. The ingredients in tea mess with the nutrients in your food. they also slows digestion and absorption.

Allow your body to digest food that is mixed with saliva and digestive enzymes without other additions.God made our body in a self-reliant way. Any additions play havoc on this process. The stomach does not digest food when soggy. If you escort your meals with water or any other liquids, the stomach will dry the water first slowing digestion.

Do not go to sleep immediately after a meal. Allow 3 – 4 hrs for digestion.  Our body is designed to digest food when we are sitting upright not when lying down on your bed.

When you sleep, always make sure you sleep on your left side to allow for easy lymph processes

Timing for every activity is crucial. Always ensure to do the activity at the same time consistently until it become a routine
to be continued……..

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