The Human Body Loves Routine

Azima Wellness Talks 09/2017


How to set up a daily routine

In our continuing series of understanding our body and how it is made to function, it is important to touch on routine that keep us operating at our optimum level.

God made us to operate in a 24hr cycle

In every 24 hours, we complete the rhythms and repeat the same process again.  This makes it easy for the body to adapt and save your routine as the default setting.

There is a set rhythm that we human beings are made for. This is called circadian rhythm or circadian clock that regulate sleep wake-up cycle

The human body is most active during the day and slows down at night as it prepare to switch off to rejuvenate .We are most active between 9 A.M and 8 P.M. We are least active between 10 P.M to 3 A.M (we appear not to be designed for night partying.)

Do not be too hard on yourself when you find yourself dosing if you happen to be out late into the night.

Our body loves routine. It is important to follow a clear timeline in everything you do .The body saves your consistent  activity cycles as your default setting .Go to bed at the same time every day for 21 days and wakeup the same time and the body will automatically remind you it is time to sleep or wakeup.

Similarly, set clear timeline to have your meals .When designing your meal plan, It is important to know that solid  food takes about 4-5 hours in the stomach but meat especially red meat can take up to 72hrs. It does not get digested. It putrefies/ decomposes inside your gut producing a lot of harmful toxins.

This explain why, if you take a purely meat diet, you do not experience bowel movement for days to expel the waste from your rectum.

Your body will respect you if you treat it well .Always ensure to sleep between 7-8 hrs if  a grownup. Children who are still growing need to sleep more hours .

Its important to note that sleep is one of the most critical body functions .Sleeping more hours does more damage to your body than sleeping less hours .Where you may have slept less hours, it can be compensated by the naps you catch during the day .

Man was made to operate in an upright position. We lie flat in bed to allow the body carry out functions that may not happen when we are physically active . It is therefore important that we wake up as soon as this process is completed.

To allow the body to recreate and rebuild, it is important to go to sleep when you do not have undigested food in your stomach .This is why it is recommended to eat your last meal 4-5 hours before you sleep and fruits 1-2 hours before bedtime .

The lymphatic process also takes over when we switch off to sleep .The white blood cells are rebuilt to prepare for the following day’s activities.

This explains why if you take a heavy meal before you sleep, you are most likely to wakeup feeling tired instead of feeling fresh and full of energy.

After the body has cleansed and renewed the cells that were destroyed during the day and the lymph processes completed, you should not continue sleeping .The skin also rebuild when we are asleep.

When we are flat on a bed, we do not inhale enough oxygen. What level of oxygen do you have inside blankets? Its even worse sharing the same bed with your spouse. You both produce carbon dioxide and  can imagine competing for the little oxygen there is between your blankets.

This is why we recommend on waking up you should open your windows to allow fresh oxygen into the room you will exercise . It is more advisable you go outside and take deep breaths to inhale fresh oxygen and expel the CO2 deep in your lungs .

Most people avoid this process which is very crucial . This is why we highly recommended we do exercises in the morning on waking up because they helps us expel the CO2   in the lungs as  you  gasp for increased oxygen intake in your work out.

The human body is made up of 100 trillion cells which survives on oxygen .The quality of our life is determined by the quality of our cells which is determined by the quality of oxygen we breath and the food we feed them.

Before you hit the gym, it is advisable after to cleanse your gut. Take a glass of warm water with lemon and turmeric/ginger and Apple Cider Vinegar to clean the gut .During sleep, a lot of mucus is secreted and accumulate on the inside walls of the gut. The lemon water cleans the gut and prepares it to digest and absorb. The smell that come through the mouth as soon as you wake-up and that smell when you blow wind is symptomatic of how the condition is in the gut. It is therefore crucial to clean it with the lemon morning concoction before you take anything else.

The stomach is also more acidic in the morning. It helps much to take in an alkaline drink like a set of these items. Aloe Vera is also great in the morning.

You also need to do bowel movement to expel the toxins that have been collected from your gut and deposited in the rectum ready for expulsion. Our body has very sensitive sensors. If you do not expel the waste in your rectum, it re-absorbs the toxins causing you to have toxin overload.

It is advisable to take a whole orange before breakfast. Once the orange get into the stomach and come into contact with digestive enzymes, it expands and moves through the gut collecting the toxins that remained as the food was being digested .The digestive enzymes are chemicals that have some residuals that need to be mopped up and expelled from our body.

Anyone who does not take food with enough fiber have higher toxins in the gut .Food fiber acts as a broom and move through the digestive tract collecting the toxins in there and cleans the inner walls of the gut.

This is why it is recommended we ensure 50% of the food we eat is made of vegetables that provide fiber. Most vegetables are also more alkaline especially if not cooked.

After taking the good orange, you are good to go to the gym. Purposes to work out for 30-45 minutes depending on your workout goals. Those who have some weight to loose need to work out more to burn fat deposit .When you start workout, the first 15 minutes you burn glucose from the food you ate. You start burning fat  after 20 minutes of intense workout. Ensure to drink a lot of water to hydrate the body and aid burning of fat.

Morning exercise activate release of the hormone dopamine which makes you feel good throughout the day.

(To be continued in part 2)

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