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Azimawellness Talks 08/2017

I salute you all wellness champions!

Let me start by apologizing for missing in action for the last 6 weeks. I  have been nursing a shock of my life. I had travelled to other continents before but I had not gone to the super power that is America. When I landed at the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport (the busiest airport in the world), I got a shock of my life when I came face to face with a lady in blue uniform who could hardly walk. Her massive weight was too much for her legs. I thought she was sick and had empathy for her.

Across the queue as I waited to get cleared to enter America , I saw two others on wheelchairs and thought the uniform was for a hospital and those wearing it were on transit. Shock on me when I realized they were employees of the airport and this was the size of many in America.

I had heard of American size/height but I used to associate it with the basketball players (those guys have height man!)

My expectations of the America I was coming to after watching Obama and Mitchell with their two daughters as the face of America got jolted. I knew Hollywood was not representative of the true America neither is Bollywood nor Naijawood but I had not expected the great Americans to be that reckless with food to an extent that wheelchairs are not used for the disabled or the sick but as a normal mobility requirement  in the land of ‘The Great’.

I perfectly understood what Donald Trump meant by his call to make America Great again. If election are to be repeated and am allowed to vote, I would cast mine for Trump on condition that he will find a way to get Americans shape up either which way.

Now that I have sobered up and accepted this reality, am on a mission to help our people not to borrow the bad habits from the great America ( with the entry of fast food chains from America like KFC, Domino’s, Java and others coming, I have reasons to fear for my people .

Mahatma Gandhi called on us to be the change we want to see. I have re-committed myself to be a champion of wellness more than ever before. I have taken time to gather relevant information that I will be sharing with you on this platform and others.  This is a campaign that requires a critical mass of activists to win. The statistics coming from our Government records are worrying.

Too many of our people are becoming obese at an alarming rate. Many others have numerous health complications due to lifestyle- (sedentary and junk food is the new normal). This has overshoot our medical care bill to unmanageable levels.

We need to do all we can to raise awareness about the dangers of living carelessly. If Americans who own all the leading channels of information can be like this, (there are several TV channels dedicated to food only) we need to do more than just talk.

To begin this campaign, I have come up with a detailed routine that will help us start taking back control of our life.

To complete the series we were unpacking before i was thrown off balance, allow me to share some important facts about our body.

When we go to sleep, the body switches off many of the functions that are active when awake to allow other functions to take over. Our blood is our lifeline because it carries oxygen to all the cells and carries away the waste from the cells and bacteria that keep us alive.

We have only 10 paints of blood circulating in us. This is not enough to do all the functions that require blood to happen. God made us to operate in such a way that after every 14-16 hours, we switch of to allow the body recreate and rejuvenate. It is therefore very crucial that we get enough sleep every 24 hours to allow these other functions happen.

It is most helpful if we sleep at the right time in the right environment both inside and outside (we will come to sleep as a topic later) Our skin which is the biggest organ at 18 sq.ft  was made this big to allow adequate surface for toxins to leave the body. The skin repairs when we sleep. Other functions like growth of hair and nails happen when we are asleep. We therefore require  to allow our body adequate time to rest for these functions to take place.

The body also cleanse and repairs when we sleep. All the toxins it collects are removed and the cells replaced. Thy lymphatic system takes over to complete the cleanup the system so that we wakeup rejuvenated and full of energy (we are most productive in the morning)

Keep it here for the details in our next article in this series

Enjoy your weekend but do not overindulge

Your health is your wealth!

Maina Azimio
Azima wellness Consultants &
CEO Azima Ventures Capital

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