Why Azima Wellness?

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Why Azima Wellness?

Azima is a Kiswahili word for giving on loan or to lend.

In Azima wellness consultants, we interact and share knowledge with anyone interested to learn more about wellness and request we share the same knowledge for a better life on planet earth.

Wellness is the state of being in good health.
The process of learning about and engaging in behaviours that are likely to result in optimal health.

In Azima wellness consultants, we are passionate about the process of learning about, and engaging in behaviours that are likely to lead to optimal health if applied properly and consistently.

Optimal health is the state of being free from physical or psychological diseases, illnesses or faulty functions of our entire system as God made us to function.

We therefore need to learn how God our creator made us to function.
The human body is the most complex single unit engineering with systems that operate seamlessly 24/7 if well taken care of.
The big challenge is we do not come with an operation manual. We have to hack it for ourselves.

God made man in His own image and likeness and installed an internal manual that we have to download. He equipped us with the capacity to learn and understand these complex systems that operate inside us but most of us have become too lazy to learn

In the modern life, we take many years in school learning many disciplines and skills but we forget to study ourselves……

What a tragedy?

We have information overload but we know very little about ourselves!
Only a tiny fraction of the world population understands how the human body functions.

These are the people who have gifted us all the modern systems that make our life easier:

Allow me to share some examples;
1. A car engine is a design borrowed from the human heart. It is the most important component of a car  just like our heart which pumps blood to carry nutrients our trillions of cells require is the most important organ in our body.

2. The good computer which has simplified our life is similar to the human brain. Put anything in a computer and press save. It will produce it on the click of a button anytime you need it unless you delete it.
Today the computer world is going big on AI- (Artificial Intelligence) that has amazing capacity to think like the human mind and can predict with precision many things that are likely to happen.

3. Our body is equipped with many sensory organs that are able to detect anything approaching and send messages that trigger our reaction. This has been applied to automate life a great deal.
In the template regions, doors are fitted with sensors that sense anyone approaching and automatically open and close immediately. This is very helpful especially during winter

4. Our body system operates around the circadian rhythm. This gives our body defined routine that we operate around 24/7. We do not go to sleep because it’s dark. Our sleeping hours are controlled by the circadian clock. This plays out clearly when you travel to a region with a big time difference like say America. Your body will go to sleep the hours you normally go to bed. This is during the day not the night hours in America until you switch into their system after some days

This is what the great minds who have gifted us the Internet and Wi-Fi borrowed from. We now can plug into any Wi-Fi network using the same gadget anywhere in the world without buying a local simcard.

These are amazing connections.

Those who have taken time to study the systems that operate inside us are coming up with systems that are changing our lives tremendously

In Azima wellness consultants, this is the kind of discussions we have with thought leaders to inspire us to come up with our own systems that will change the world.

We have a telegram chat dedicated to discussing matters wellness. We focus on Mental, Physical health, Financial and Emotional wellness
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Your health is your wealth!


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