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Azimawellness Talks 02/2017


Today is yet another beautiful day we’ve been blessed with to fulfil our purpose.

‘Blessed are those who have discovered why they showed up on planet Earth at this point in time and are keeping their commitment to live their calling every day!’

Anything short of living your mission is tantamount to life abuse!!
This is worse than drug abuse.

We were sent here by God to be his agents to serve and manifest His greatness. It’s our work to discover that individual assignment and work on ourselves to become that meaningful specific. Living life as a wondering generality is letting God down.

To execute this mission, each one of us is equipped with all we require to deliver effectively.

If you struggle to do what you do daily, it’s a clear indication you are not living in your area of purpose.

Invest all you have to discover why you showed up and ensure to execute it like your life depends on it because it does.

Allow me to make a confession.

Before Kibaki became president in 2003, my mind was unable to comprehend any figures beyond a billion.

It’s after our annual budget hit a trillion that this became the new normal.

When I saw the light on the way to ‘My Damascus’ and took to study ‘ME’, I realized that;

Our body just like the computer has two main parts. The hardware-the physical structure (read skeleton) and the software which forms the processors that drives our lives.

Our body is made up of;

206 bones

230 joints

Over 600 muscles

18 Sq.ft of skin

Approximately 4.73 liters of blood that circulate around our body at an average rate of 72 beats per minute

The heart beats 103,680 times every day

A well taken care of body is potentially most active from 9 o’clock in the morning and seven o’clock in the evening

The body is least active from eleven pm to 2 AM in the morning (we appear not to be designed for night partying!)

We are made of a 100 trillion cells. This is the basis of our life.

The animal cell

Figure 1: We are made of a 100 trillion such cells

God in His wisdom found it necessary to make us of these many cells because He knew we could be careless and we can easily destroy ourselves if made of one cell like the Amoeba or Protozoa. It is because we have this many cells that we manage to live long otherwise most of us could have perished out of radioactives from the gadgets we use like computers,  phones, microwaves among others.

The gut has 60 billion Bifidobacteria that aid in digestion and maintain intestinal flora.

The brain has 100 billion nerves and Trillions of connections called synapses.

Our skin which measure 18 Sq. Ft is made up of;

50.17 billion cells

200,670 sensors

3, 344,509 Nerves ending

167, 225 hairs

6,116,439cm of nerves to carry messages

1,672,255 sweat glands

418,063 touch sensing organs

And much more…..

All living creatures working harmoniously in one body!!

I cannot explain why I had not interacted with these numbers that make Kibakinomics chicken feeds.

And this is half the story……..

Allow me to share some facts on our blood which is our lifeline (we can live for quite sometimes without other necessities in our life but without oxygen we will drop dead in 5 minutes)

Blood travels through 100,000 miles of blood vessels in a minute

Every second of every day, 10 million red blood cells are taken out of circulation , destroyed and replaced including when we’re asleep.

This movement of blood is premised on the ideal weight. Your BMI

If  you put on more weight, the story is different.

For every extra 0.45kg of fat you carry, an extra 321.86 km of blood vessels have to be made to nourish this baggage. The heart has to work extra hard to pump blood that supply oxygen + nutrients to this extra length and cart away the waste from the cells.

This eventually leads to high blood pressure and other complications.

Do you carry excess baggage? How many extra kms of blood vessels have you caused to be made in you?

The tragedy is the heart does not increase or get more power to pump blood to this extra journey.

Extra weight is a product of excess caloric intake. We should therefore be aware of what our body requires in quantity and quality and feed it with just that to enjoy radiant health.

Our body organs are made to operate at certain speed and load. Any overload triggers stress that has negative spiral effects to our health.

It is our responsibility as commanded by God as recorded in 1st Corinthian’s 3:16 – 18 to preserve ‘The Temple’ or we face the consequences which manifest in all manner of lifestyle diseases we suffer today. ‘If a man defile the temple of God, him shall God destroy ‘

We will continue from here in the next article.

We welcome your feedback and observations.

With profound regards.



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