The Gut

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The Gut

In the last article, we discussed the human brain and the critical role it plays in our life.

We also discussed how smart people in our times have leveraged the knowledge from human brain to come up with transformative gadgets like the computer and smart phones.

Today we look at the gut or the human digestive system.

 The gut is the system of organs which takes in food, digests it to extract energy and nutrients and expels the waste.

It starts from the mouth where the food enters and digestion starts to the anus where the waste exit the body.

The human gut/ gastrointestinal track has several major parts each playing a specific role in the process of extracting and absorption of nutrients to power the body systems.

This is the most active organ/system of the body. It determines whether we live or expire. Any stress in the gut will affect the entire body.

We are lucky that God gave us an amazing gut that is self-renewing and has the ability to withstand so much.



Like any other system, the human gut requires time off to rest and get renewed. However, a good number of us have never given their gut time off to rest since we came on earth.

Anytime we eat or drink anything else apart from plain water, the digestive system is activated to start working on the stuff we send to the stomach to convert it into the form it to energy and the form it is easy for absorption of nutrients.

The body is helped in this process by chemicals known as Enzymes. These are responsible for breaking down food into amino acids.

The process of breaking down food is helped by Trillions of micro-organisms otherwise known as  Microbiota or microbiomes. These influence the body’s functions ranging from immunity to proper functioning of the digestive system. Any imbalance in the gut flora will manifest in our health. This I why it is said 80% of all diseases originate in the gut. We should therefore take good care of the gut flora.

The gut is directly connected to the skin for respiration to expel the waste generated by the trillions of living cells and micro-organisms. This is why God made our skin as the biggest organ at 18sq.ft. Failure to take good care of the skin by applying products that block the pores or damage the integrity of the skin  is self sabotage.


Due to the high acidity inside the gut, the body renews the inner walls of the stomach every 3 – 5 days. The quality of our life depends on a healthy gut because the building blocks of our body cells are the nutrients the gut is able to extract from the food we eat.

It does not help much even if you eat very rich food but have a weak gut which is unable to extract and absorb nutrients for all the cells and other living organisms.

We normally talk about our gut feelings. This is very crucial because the brain is connected to the gut and the heart. Where your mind, the gut and the heart is at peace is where your best chances lie. The gut feeling always warn you when things are not okay but we quite often choose to ignore the message from our gut.

We will look deeper into the other crucial systems that make this Temple of the holy spirit we were ordered to protect and what we need to feed it with for optimum health in our subsequent articles

I recommend further reading to understand better what we were commanded to take care of or destroyed.

Thank you for your feedback and the interest you’ve demonstrated in this series of articles

With profound regards

Maina Azimio

Founder and CEO

Azima Wellness Consultants Ltd and

Corporate Trainer in Total Wellness


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