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Azimawellness foundational Talk 22/2019.

Know thyself: The Digestive system. On average we take 3 meals a day. Just like a power station require energy to turn its turbines , our body requires energy toRead More >

Azima Business Clinic. The WHY of a Business.

Azima wellness Business clinic. The WHY of a Business Before taking a business operational, its important to define the “WHY” of the business. The reasons for starting the business isRead More >

Know Thyself: Taking care of the heart

Azimawellness foundational Talk 21/2019. Know Thyself: Taking care of the heart Of the 700 muscles in our body, the Cardiac Muscle plays the most critical role. Cardiac muscles are theRead More >

The common Diseases of the Heart (Cardiovascular system continued)

Azimawellness foundational Talk 20/2019. Know Thyself: The common Diseases of the Heart (Cardiovascular system continued) Cardiovascular diseases are the number 1 cause of death globally. More people die annually from CardiovascularRead More >

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